FAQs for Campervans & Motorhomes

What kind of instructions will I be given about the van, appliances and how to use them?
You will receive full orientation of the van, its controls, appliances and maintenance responsibilities. Orientation consists of a personal walk round of the vehicle by a qualified instructor. We will also give you an instruction Sheet on how to operate the roof and a full inventory of the contents of the vehicle.

What happens in the event of a breakdown?
Our vehicles are less than 2 years old and are covered under VW Assistance. We issue you with a full breakdown sheet and this will have the vw mechanical breakdown assistant number on.

Are there any age restrictions?
The minimum age requirement for hire is 25 and the maximum age is 70 (if you are outside of these age requirements please contact us as we will need to contact our insurance company) and been driving for 2 years or more with less than 6 penalty points on their licence.

Can the vehicles be taken outside the UK?
Yes, if you opt for Europe cover you will be insured to drive in any EU country. You will incur extra charges for taking the vehicle overseas our overseas insurance is 60.00 and our overseas charge is £40.00.

Where do we collect our vehicle?
You can collect your campervan or motorhome from our Wigan, Preston or Blackburn depot, or we do offer a delivery service to one of our airport depots or your home address, there are charges for this service so please contact us first.

Do you supply bedding?
We can supply bedding packs as an additional option costing £20.00

How many people can seat and sleep in the vehicles?

– The California’s can seat and sleep 4 people.
– The ford zefiro 675 can seat and sleep 6 (this motor home has bunk beds and 2 double beds)
– The ford zefiro 690 can seat and sleep 6 (this motor home has 3 double beds)

Can we bring family pets?
We might have a dog friendly vehicle (valeting charge applies) best to call us.

What type of fuel does the campervan use?

Do you have automatics?
Yes we do have some, but please contact us before making a booking.

Can we smoke in your vehicles?
Smoking is not allowed

We are booking a ferry and need to know the registration number and vehicle dimensions?
It’s not always possible to provide the registration number in advance, but the ferry company should be happy if you provide the vehicle dimensions.

VW California
L 4.9 – W 1.9 – H 2m.

Ford Zefiro Motorhome 675
L 6.87 m H-3.2m

Ford Zefiro Motorhome 690
L7.2 m H-3.2 m

If you still have trouble making a booking please contact us.

Where can we stay at night?
There are many excellent campsites in the UK and Europe if you Plan your trip In England and Wales there is no legal right to wild camp, but there are plenty of remote camp sites.

What documentation will I need to hire a camper van?
We will need to see each driver’s full license plus 2 utilities bills within the last 3 months, a d.v.l.a licence check code https://www.viewdrivingrecord.service.gov.uk/driving-record/licence-number
and a credit card sin the drivers name. Overseas licence holders we will need to see your licence and passport. Please note: we cannot hire the vehicle without these documents.

When do I need to pay the full balance for the motorhome/ camper?
All vehicles need to be paid in full at the time of booking on a credit card in the driver’s name.