2021 RV HIRE

Motionless 2020?  Add some adventure to your life this new year by jumping behind the wheel and spinning round the UK in our top of the range vehicles. (Car,van,truck & Mobile Home). Here at Easicampers Preston we have the means for you and your family to zest up your life in this much anticipated 2021!

White New Year! With 6 inches of snowfall anticipated for the coming days all over the UK, Easicampers provides the safest and most reliable transport to get you to your winter wonderland destination free of worry. Step inside our magnificent 4×4 Toyota Hilux. With its intimidating stature and enormous wheels, there is no terrain this monster can’t handle. So if you are planning on sliding down a hill, the Hilux will carry your sledge and climb the hill for you. (prices starting from £60 per day).

As everyone is aware, the pandemic that took over the world in 2020 has left a big portion of our UK residents with very little leisure or overseas travel. However, we are all hoping that this new year can bring us a lot more excitement and time with our families. There is no better way to implement this than by housing your loved ones inside a moving home. If your family is made up of only you and your partner then the iconic VW California would be the ideal way for you both to explore the amazing landmarks in the UK. For people who prefer to stay local there are multiple national parks and campsites in Lancashire such as fairy glen valley in Wigan and Ream hills park in Preston  to get in touch with nature. Alternatively, if you make up a traditional family of 4 people or more we can also accommodate everyone in a 4 or 6 berth fully loaded motor-home (shower+toilet included). Prices starting from only £80 per day! Now that 2021 has reached us, it has also brought with it a a treat of brand new spanking stock ready to fly out. With an