Adventure Awaits

The North Coast 500 (NC500) is a stunning scenic route around the northern coast of Scotland, starting and ending in Inverness. Since you’re starting from Wigan, it will be a bit of a journey to get to the beginning of the route. Here’s a suggested itinerary in your motorhome hire vehilce:

  1. Wigan to Inverness: Plan your route to drive from Wigan to Inverness, which is where the NC500 officially begins. This will likely take around 6-8 hours depending on traffic and your route. The motorhome hire team in Wigan can suggest places to stop at on your way up.
  2. Inverness to Applecross: Start your NC500 journey from Inverness and head west towards Applecross. This is a scenic drive with some challenging roads, but it offers breathtaking views. Applecross is a beautiful coastal village with a stunning backdrop of mountains. Park your motorhome up and plan your next route. Its a bit more scenic up here than in Wigan.
  3. Applecross to Ullapool: From Applecross, continue your journey north to Ullapool. This leg of the journey takes you along the rugged coastline and through some picturesque villages. Ullapool is a lovely fishing town where you can stop for the night and enjoy fresh seafood. the tight roads around here are challenging for experienced drivers. In your hired motorhome
  4. Ullapool to Durness: Next, head northwest from Ullapool towards Durness. This part of the route takes you through some of the most remote and stunning landscapes in Scotland. Be sure to stop at the Smoo Cave along the way.
  5. Durness to John O’Groats: From Durness, continue north towards John O’Groats, which is the most north eastern point of mainland Britain. This leg of the journey offers spectacular coastal views and the chance to see wildlife such as seals and seabirds.
  6. John O’Groats to Inverness: Finally, head south from John O’Groats back to Inverness, completing the NC500 loop. Along the way, you can stop at historic sites such as Dunrobin Castle and explore the beautiful countryside.
  7. Return to Wigan: After completing the NC500 loop, plan your return journey from Inverness to Wigan.


  • Make sure your motorhome is suitable for driving on narrow and winding roads, especially in the more remote areas of the NC500.The team in Wigan can give you handy tips on places to look out for.
  • Plan your accommodations in advance, especially during peak tourist season, as campsites and other accommodations can fill up quickly. Motorhome Hire in Scotland is a big thing and sites can get booked up pretty quick.
  • Stock up on supplies including food, water, and fuel, as amenities can be limited in some areas along the route.
  • Take your time and enjoy the stunning scenery and unique attractions along the NC500.

This itinerary allows you to experience the highlights of the NC500 while starting and ending your journey in Wigan. Adjustments can be made based on your preferences and the time you have available.

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