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Tips to get you confidently driving a motorhome

Whilst it may seem a rather daunting vehicle to drive, driving a motorhome is easier than expected. Just relax, slow down and enjoy your journey.

Don’t drive to fast and give yourself plenty of extra space, things like accelerating and braking will take longer to achieve. The best way to prevent accidents is to increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front and to reduce your speed accordingly if there are strong winds, poor visibility or you are going downhill.

Watch the height and width. The average motorhome is wider and higher than you may be used to. Be aware of this when approaching low bridges or narrow roads. Why not keep a note of the measurements on your dash board as a reminder? If you’re not sure if you’ll fit, don’t attempt it, take another route.

Driving a motorhome requires a little more time to manoeuvre than what you may be used to. Take into account the size of the motorhome, corners need to be taken widely, keeping an eye on the middle and back. Otherwise, you risk catching the kerb or a sign post.

It might be strange not seeing as much out of the back windows as you are used to. Make sure your wing mirrors are set at the right angle for you. You will need to use them a lot, especially when overtaking and manoeuvring the vehicle.

Lastly, remember when re-fuelling that the motorhome uses Diesel.

Top tips for a family motorhome holiday

Pack an activity box
Take a selection of the kids favourite toys, games and books, as well as some games all the family can enjoy. It’s always good to have something for the down times when the kids need entertaining and those rainy evenings when the whole family can enjoy some good old fashioned fun.

Choose the right campsites and limit your journey times
Spend some time choosing the right campsites, make sure they have all the facilities you will need whilst there. For younger children you may want a play area and for teenagers Wi-Fi is probably a must. Plan a route that involves no more than 2 hours travelling at one time. Children want to be out exploring the countryside or enjoying the beaches rather than sitting in the motorhome travelling. This will help make your trip a lot more stress free.

Make a scrapbook
On holiday you make memories that last a lifetime. Why not make a scrap book of your travels then you have something to remind you of your wonderful family holidays. All the family can join in writing notes in it whilst you are away leaving spaces to add your photos later.

Avoid getting caught in the storm
The Great British weather can be very unpredictable. Try to plan outdoor activities around the weather, but make sure you pack your water proofs and have a plan b just in case your activities for the day get rained off.

Take your bikes
Our 6 berth Ford Zefiro 675 and VW California both come with bike racks on them, holding up to four bikes. It’s a great way to get out and explore, plus the kids love their bikes so it will keep them happy too.

Apps every camper should have


Free preview on Android
£0.99 on iPhone

The UK’s largest database of campsites, caravan parks, points of interest, dump stations, visitor information centres, water taps, showers, toilets and more. Wikicamps is a crowdsourced database meaning things are added, modified and shared by it’s users.
You can apply search filters such as pet friendly and points of interest, it also has a map that can be downloaded so is not dependant on data.


Free on Android and iPhone
Avoid getting caught in the storm. With this app you can plan your trip around the weather and make sure you’re prepared for whatever the British weather may have in store for you.


Free on Android and iPhone
The worlds largest treasure hunt, it’s a great way to explore your surroundings and keep the whole family entertained. It uses GPS to lead you to locations where a box is hidden with a logbook for you to sign.

SkyView Lite

Free on Android and iPhone
One of the best things about camping is escaping the light pollution and being able to appreciate the stunning beauty of the night sky. You just point your phone to the sky to identify stars, constellations and satellites. If you’re camping with kids, it’s very informative but still educational and engaging for them.


Free on Android and iPhone
This is a great app for finding walking, cycling and running trails. It also has a wide range other activities from canoeing to fly fishing! You can view trails that are wheelchair accessible and dog or child-friendly. The trails can be sorted by difficulty, length and more, and you can also view and follow detailed maps.

Scotlands must see castles

Inveraray Castle

Some will recognise this must see attraction from a Christmas episode of Downton Abbey. Customers can indulge in the tea room here which offers a glimpse into royal life.

Edinburgh Castle

Perched on an extinct volcano, towering over the famous Royal Mile this fortress has a strong presence in Edinburgh’s skyline. It’s one of the most famous and most visited castles in Scotland.

Eilean Donan Castle

This 13th century fortress is recognised as one of the most iconic images in Scotland. It is located in a magical setting in the middle of a loch, connected to the mainland by a footbridge. Some people say Eilean Donan is the most beautiful castle in Scotland.

Stirling Castle

This powerful fortress is one of the largest and most important castles in Scottish history. Mary Queen of Scot’s childhood home has a lot of history and remains a great symbol of Scottish independence.

Urquhart Castle

Overlooking Loch Ness, this early medieval fortress is one of the most visited castles in the country. Once one of Scotland’s largest castles, it saw great conflict during it’s time and was passed back and forth between the Scots and English during the war of independence.

Caerlaverock Castle

Unusual for it’s triangular shape and surrounded by a wide deep moat, this medieval stronghold is one of the finest castles in Scotland. This fortress was once caught up in the bloody boarder conflicts but is now a popular filming location.

British Isles road trips

The Lake District

This road trip will take you through the stunning Lake District National Park. Starting at Kendal, head north towards England’s largest lake in the picture postcard resort of Windermere. From here, head north again to the charming lakeside villages of Ambleside and Grasmere soaking up the beautiful views on the way.

The Norfolk Coast

The coastline of Norfolk varies enormously, with long stretches of golden beach interspersed with mud flats and salt marsh, shingle and pebbles. A road trip along the A49 coastal road from King’s Lynn to Cromer and passes through salt marshes, fields of lavender, over low cliffs and through pretty coastal villages.

Northumberland Coast

Beautiful Northumberland is England’s northernmost country. This road trip will take you through some charming coastal towns and with many castle sites in this area, some of which are one the coast, you will pass them whilst on your drive. The night skies are protected in Northumberland giving stargazers the best experience in England.

The North Coast 500

This stunningly beautiful route offers never-ending back roads, wide meandering country tracks and beautiful bends through some of Scotland’s most picturesque coastal scenery. With deserted beaches, delicious fresh seafood, picturesque lochs, historic castles, diverse wildlife and more.

The Peak District

This road trip will take you through the countries most treasured national parks and along the famous Snake Pass, one of the UK’s great mountain passes reaching a high point of 510m above sea level. As you head south there are some great trekking opportunities around Derwent Dam.

The Cambrian Way, Wales

Beginning in Cardiff, the Welsh capital city, this spectacular route runs from south to north through the heart of Wales, ending in the Victorian seaside resort of Llandudno. This road trip will take you over the highest and most scenically beautiful areas of Wales, taking in two national parks on the way.

European Markets

Christmas market blog

With Christmas fast approaching and the big count down on, here at Easicampers we have some great ideas for you to get the festive season in full swing. Many people do want to experience the sights & sounds of traditional Christmas markets. If this is what you are looking for to get you in the mood, there are lots of Christmas markets in Europe for you to explore.

There are many Christmas markets, however from reviews & customer feedback here are some of the best you could visit this winter:

Nuremberg Christmas market is one of the most magical out there. With Nuremberg being the biggest Christmas market in Europe it has a fun & festive atmosphere, they choose a local girl to be “the face of Christmas” on the opening day of the markets she is the most important person there!! At Nuremberg Christmas market you will find many stalls ranging from beautiful wooden gifts to local food and mulled wine, what’s not to like?? The Christmas markets here start from November 29th – December 24th.

Dresden Christmas market is the oldest Christmas market dating back to 1434! Dresden has over 11 different markets to chose from and they all have different things going on, from glass blowers to bakers. You can see all the locals busy at work, making baubles, bakers decorating their goods and many more. This makes it feel so much more authentic. The Christmas market in Dresden start from November 27th – December 24th.

Strasbourg Christmas market is known as the “Capital of Christmas” If you are looking for that little bit of something special, this is the place for you! The Christmas market is set against the backdrop of the breath taking city and Strasbourg Cathedral. As far as the eye can see there are stalls and shops filled with ornaments, lights, decorations and gifts. The Christmas market in Strasbourg starts from November 22nd – December 30th.

Munich Christmas Market is spread out over several sites in the city, The main square is a great place to start as it has everything in one place. Stalls are filled with beautiful gifts, the most amazing food and beer. It has a great atmosphere for everyone to enjoy and the sights, sounds and smells of the market are out of this world. You can find the perfect Christmas gift or souvenir to take home with you. The Munich Christmas market starts from November 27th – December 24th.

Here are just a few for you to look forward to for the Festivities and with prices starting from £420.00 per week with Easicampers, it’s too good to miss. We will be more than happy to help with any queries you have, just give us a quick call on 01942 821080.

Winter Hire

Motorhome/RV Winter Tips

If you are hiring a motorhome from us at Easicampers this winter then here a few helpful tips to make sure you get the most out of your motorhome/RV experience in the UK. Here at Easicampers we strive to give our customers a first rate experience.

Gas Bottles

During the winter month’s when using your hired motorhome/RV you will use more gas on the heating and hot water in the vehicle. Also if you aren’t on a camp site with hook up connection, the fridge will run of the gas supply. We supply you with a gas bottle that is remaining in the vehicle of its last hire. If you do want to make sure you have a full bottle as well as this one bottle we do hire them out at a cost of £45. We do need notice for this so please book in advance.  if you don’t request this and turn up at one of our airport branche’s we can’t get a bottle but if you are collecting from our local city branches (Wigan,Preston,Blackburn) this is subject to availability.


Make sure at night your windows are shut completely. Any windows left slightly ajar will let the cold weather /rain in. The window over the table in your motorhome needs to be shut for your heating to work correctly. Make sure any roof openings (windows/vents) are shut correctly. To keep more heat in the vehicle it is advisable to put the 2 blinds down over every window. Also you are provided with front window blinds to go on your windscreen and side front windows.

Water tank

During the winter season where temperatures drop your motorhome water system will dump its water if the vehicle gets too cold. If you think the temperature will drop we advise to empty your water tank to the  minimum so you don’t lose water. Always make sure you drain your waste water tank more regular during the cold snap.


Your heating system in the motorhome goes upto 30 degrees, if there are 6 of you in the vehicle it will get really warm. The warmer you have the heating the more gas it burns, these vehicles do get really warm. Ideally if you put the vehicle heating on about 6pm on a temperature of round 15- 16 degrees for a few hours this will keep you warm over night with the correct bedding that is.
You can set your heating to come on at certain times. So if you want it on at 10pm and then 7am these vehicles allow you to do that.

If you need any more advice on your motorhome hire over winter please call us on 01942 821080 to speak to one of our knowledgeable members of staff.

The Top 20 Walks in Britain

Although exploring the roads of Great Britain is fun, a lot of our hirers enjoy long walks too. We would like to share Britain’s top 20 popular walks as a potential activity during your rental with us.

1. SH6054 Snowdon (Summit)

2. SK1285 Edale

3. NY2107 Scafell Pike

4. NY2308 Allen Crags

5. NY2208 Great End / Long Pike

6. NY3415 Helvellyn

7. SK1384 Edale (Hollins Cross)

8. SK1687 Hope Cross

9. SK1587 Crookstome Hill

10. SK1789 Fairholmes

11. NY2806 Dungeon Ghyll / Raven Crag

12. NY3704 Ambleside

13. NY2514 Longthwaite

14. SK1283 Edale (Mam Tor)

15. NY2906 Great Langdale

16. SK0886 Edale Head / Jacob’s Ladder

17. SK0786 Edale Cross

18. NY3511 Fairfield

19. NY3414 Nethermost Pike

20. SH6455 Pen-y-Pass

Source: Ordnance Survey. The table was produced by analysing 1km grid squares and collating the number of routes going through that square.