Behind the scenes and what you need to know about Motorhomes

What you probably don’t know about hiring a motorhome in Preston is what goes on behind the scenes. Here at Easicampers we pride ourselves in great customer service to give you the holiday you deserve. So, what goes on after you complete your booking?
The first thing we do at Preston is call you, one of our experienced staff members will walk you through your booking, assuring all information is correct and you are happy with the Easicampers vehicle of your choice. There are many extras you can add to your motorhome booking, you can add these on yourself when you make your booking, if you forget to or haven’t decided yet then don’t worry if you let us know 1 week before your booking, we will get them for you.
The Preston office staff will be your point of contact throughout the process a deposit of £250 is required when your booking is placed, and full payment is due 6 weeks before the rental. We pop all this information into our diaries and will call you when payment is due. After payment is made just sit back relax and let us do the work and look forward to your motorhome experience.
We will allocate you a vehicle and keep it reserved for you. We will then collect the vehicle and bring it to the Preston branch ready for your hire. Our drivers will then go through the vehicle cleaning it to a high standard and testing everything to assure you won’t encounter issues while you’re on your trip. Your water tank will be filled up and the vehicle charged to 100%. If you have chosen any motorhome extras, we will collect these or buy them as new and set them up in the vehicle ready for you. The day before your hire, a manager will have a walk around your vehicle double checking everything.
On the day of your motorhome hire, we will have one last check-through so the vehicle is ready for you. When you arrive just pop into the office, all your documents will be scanned, your license will be checked. A deposit will be taken, this deposit is returned to you once the vehicle is returned to us, as long as there’s no damage to the vehicle. Then just sign and meet our driver outside. The driver will show you around the motorhome and show you how everything works, any questions you have they will be able to answer for you. The walk around will usually take around 30-40 minutes depending on the vehicle and your knowledge. Then grab the keys, drive off and enjoy your motorhome holiday.
While you’re on your trip, in the unlikely event that you encounter issues the office staff in Preston will be on hand to take your call and help fix the issue, other than that we will leave you alone to enjoy your holiday in peace. Once you return the vehicle a driver will be on hand to check through the vehicle and do a damage report, so long as everything is okay you are free to go, and your deposit will be returned to you.