California Ocean T6.1 Guide

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Please ring 01942 821080 is you cannot solve a technical problem whilst you are on holiday with the campervan. We are open 7 days per week

Press button to turn on, now it’s a touch screen

Blue tank on the left shows the fresh water level, yellow tank shows waste water,

The blue bars show the leisure battery levels.

2nd screen select refrigerator

Switch on pressing the box next to switch on Refrig box you will see the ice symbol appear

Use power settings for temperature control 1-6

Select pop up roof

First make sure that the sliding door and front doors are open. Press button to open

To close exactly the same but select close, Please making sure the canvas doesn’t get trapped in the brackets

Press back and select the Auxiliary heater

Operating mode: heating or ventilating

Heat continuously: press activate

Then select desired temperature using the up or down .then press ok

Heat immediately: select desired temperature then press ok and then wait.

To turn off deactivate

Max charge if pressed the engine will increase rpm. This will help charge the leisure battery

Camping Mode

This will only works when hooked up to electricity, using your cable in the drawer under the rear seat.

This screen, you can set an alarm clock, timer for cooking, settings to change languages, light by selecting on and off selecting what lights you wish on or off.

The screen off turns the panel off

There are 240v sockets located next to the handbrake on the driver’s seat.

Behind the passenger’s seat, along with USB sockets and light switches

These lights are for the inside of the cupboards and below the sink and cooker.

Trip switch near water tank and gas bottle

12v sockets at rear on right hand side

Also at the side of the sliding rear seat next to cup holder

Also a 12v socket on the passenger side in the pop up roof space

When locking the vehicle at night please use the lock on the door panel,

DO NOT use the key fob otherwise the vehicle alarm will go off

Water filling cap on passenger side near the rear, ONLY fill with fresh water

Next to the water cap is the electric point for your electricity cable located under the rear seat drawer

When you see the symbol on the screen you know you have power to the vehicle

This lever is for draining the waste water, which is found in the left hand side sliding cupboard, Down is open up is closed

The red handle is to drain the fresh water, which will drain near the passenger rear wheel.

Under the Black screw lid you will find the gas bottle

Turn on the gas, turning the brass nob anti clockwise. Before driving turn back off which will be clockwise

Under the cooker in the cupboard you will see this; the cut-off switch is located above just to the right

Cut off switch for gas to the cooking stove

This is where your outdoor chairs are locate, in the tailgate door use the zip

In the drawer under the rear seat, you should have a dustpan and brush, blinds for the front windows, hose pipe, electricity cable, pegs for the awning legs, the awning winder, and two nets for the sliding windows.

Location of where to use the awning winder, you access the legs by twisting the front, unclip the legs and peg them down.

The exterior table is located inside the sliding door, just push up and the table will be released. when putting back put into slot and push table until it clicks into place.

Once you have put up the pop up roof, you can now push up the bed.

Using both hands push up the bed evenly

Now the bed is up, you will be able to stand.

This is where the wheel brace and Jack is located, by unscrewing the two black bolts

You will also find the locking nut located inside shown

To get the spare wheel from under the vehicle, located rear of the vehicle. First you need the wheel brace from the black box. Undo the right hand side first and totally remove. Then loosen the left nut, push the frame right and lower the frame and spare wheel. Now you have the spare wheel to change over.

To swivel the front seats push the bar towards the passenger door. You may have to adjust the back rest. Also taking the seat forward

This flap is for the fuel and Adblue, to open it first open the passenger door. Then open the flap

Only add diesel to where the black cap is, Adblue we ask everyone to top up with 5 litres before arriving back to us. Adblue can be bought from most service stations. If you’re not sure what to do, bring the Adblue back and we’ll fill it up for you