Campervans in Autumn

Hiring a camper in Autumn?

If you are thinking of hiring a camper in autumn, there is a whole host of things you can do. Many people think that they are going to be limited to where they can go as many of the sites are closed for the Autumn & Winter months. However many of the sites do operate all year round. A good website to find out the campsites that are open all year round is They have a full comprehensive list of all the sites that stay open all year round. A lot of the customers we get are looking for a short break & enjoy getting wrapped up & having some lovely autumn walks. Some of the camping & caravan sites offer a great base to enjoy the Great British Countryside. Here are just a few that are great for anyone just wanting to get away from it all & enjoy some time in the countryside.

1. Berwick Seaview, Berwick upon tweed is just a 30 minute walk away from the site, which boasts some lovely tea rooms, also in Berwick upon tweed is the fascinating Lowry Trail, following in the footsteps of the great artist.

2. The Sandringham Estate, The royal Estate is a perfect place to watch the changing of the seasons. Acorns & chestnuts litter the pathways during autumn. It makes a perfect place for a Family getaway in autumn & winter.

3. Hawes, Explore the Yorkshire Dales from a great base. You will find the Tan Hill Inn that boasts that it is ‘’Great Britain’s highest Inn” at 1732ft above sea level.

4. Exmoore House, This is a great Base for wanting to explore the Magnificent Exmoor National Park. Exmoor National Park is a great place to visit in either autumn or winter.

* Some of the site’s listed above may not be open for the full 12 Months. Please check before you travel.
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