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Motorhome Destinations in the winter

Hiring a motorhome or campervan for a winter break has never been easier, Easirent wigan have some fabulous deals on campervans and motorhomes this winter.

Motor homing In Winter

Winter touring holidays or breaks appeal to so many motorhome owners for a number of reasons.

The roads are not so crowded, parking restrictions may not be so severe, wild camping is tolerated more as many campsites are closed and crisp, winter mornings offer some of the best scenery in Scotland.

So long as your motorhome offers you the warmth and comfort that you desire then what have you got to lose! Easirent Rental Motorhomes are insulated, if you want some inspiration of where to go over winter, than consider one – or all – of the following


The Hebrides – or the Western Isles as they are also known of the west coast of Scotland is a chain of beautifully unspoilt islands 30 miles off the North West coast of Scotland. They are a popular destination with serious motorhome hirers and motorhomes over the winter months, partly because the weather is generally mild due to a year-round current that originates in the Caribbean and also because they are easily accessible from mainland Scotland by ferry. Although the winters are mild, visitors occasionally experience some of the wildest and stormiest gales around – so take your raincoat in preparation!


The Lake District provides the perfect backdrop for a winter motorhome and campervan trip there are many walks you can enjoy whatever the length of your stay, but always ensure you’re well prepared and have the right equipment to hand. Research the walks beforehand and only tackle those you are confident of completing.

Some regular Lake land walkers will tell you that the National Park offers a much more handsome landscape in the winter months than it does in the summer. Why not find out for yourselves?


Snowdonia, known in Welsh as Eryri, offers something for everyone wanting to breathe in some fresh mountain air including forest walks, bird watching, castles, museums, the list is endless. There’s also a steam railway so you can take a seat and admire the crisp winter scenes from the comfort of your carriage.

If you are looking for a motorhome or campervan this winter the why not give one of a friendly team at wigan a call on 01942 77 88 99 and we will be able to book your motorhome or camper for you.


Ireland in a Campervan or Motorhome

Here at Easirent Wigan we have Motorhomes and Campervans available to hire whether it’s just to try before you buy one of your own or for a family holiday. All our customers that have taken them out over the May bank holiday have all recommended them.
So I thought I’d put together some places together to visit in Ireland that maybe you would like to visit.

Ireland’s reputation precedes itself, so first timers or campervan enthusiasts might think they know what to expect, gabby locals, clover fields etc. But there is so much more to Ireland than its normal day to day charms. Taking a campervan to Ireland is a fantastic way to get around and really explore this unknown land of luxury and historical wonderland.

Here are some tips on places to visit while exploring Ireland in a campervan or motorhome:

1: Bru Na Boinne – Predating our Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids the Bru Na Boinne in County is a mind twisting testament to the achievements of prehistoric humans. This extraordinary necropolis includes the passage tomb of Newgrange, said to be built in the Stone Age in c 3200 BC with a chamber that floods with sunlight on the winter solstice.

2: Giant’s Causeway – Just between Belfast and Londonderry in County Antrim in Northern Ireland is Giant’s Causeway. This is a geological wonder, formed some 60 million years ago by cooling lava, its 40,000 hexagonal basalt columns jut into the sea. Legend has it they were built by giant Finn McCool to fight his rival Benandonner in Scotland.

3: Cliffs of Moher – Along Ireland’s new 2500km long coastal drive, also known as the Wild Atlantic Way holds the entirely vertical cliffs of Moher in County Clare which rise to a dramatic hight of 203m around 666ft!. Parking up in the campervan at the top of these can really take your breath away, especially on clear days when you can see the Aran Islands etched on the waters of Galway Bay. The sound will take you into another world with the ocean waves smashing below and the Atlantic spray on your cheeks. An ideal spot to just park up and have a Guinness!

4: Wildlife – Ireland is abundant in wildlife, one of them being Dolphins you can take a tour with one of the more known companies in Ireland (Dolphin watch) and this is a one off experience, enjoy seeing these magnificent creatures in all their glory along with an abundance of other species of wildlife. For those into bird watching this is also a fantastic way to see a lot of different bird species which the guide would be happy to point out the name of if spotted.

5: Grafton Street Area, Dublin – So much more than your average shopping street, Grafton Street Area is filled with buskers, flower-sellers and performance artists. You will find countless places to stop and just watch the world go by. Cafe culture has taken off in the capital, and on a sunny day, you might think you’re in Barcelona or Lisbon, instead you’re in the heart of Irelands shopping heartland. If you’re looking for the best cafe and breakfast in town be sure to go and visit the Bewley’s Oriental Cafe. Be sure to take your time in this magnificent area as you duck down under the numerous alleyways and streets to see what you can find and discover.

6: The Aran Islands – Originally brought to the world’s attention in 1934 by the documentary Man of Aran, these islands have been attracting visitors ever since. This is a taste of Ireland as it once was. There are a total of three islands, the largest being Inishmore, then Inishmaan, and the smallest is Inisheer. Windswept, wild, rugged and so unique, the islands offer an experience like no other, not only that they are ideal for taking a camper or motorhome over to and just exploring for a few days. One thing you cannot miss out on is the great stone fort of Dun Aonghasa and those towering cliffs of Aran. The local culture is a lot different to that of the mainland Ireland, the archaeological heritage cannot be found anywhere else and the rich scenery is just quite breath-taking…. one of the larger caravan camp sites in the islands is the Connemara Carvan & Camping park offering a wide range of services and activities.

If you are looking to hire a campervan, motorhome then feel free to give us a call so we can help out in getting you what you need at a reasonable price! Please contact the team at Easirent wigan on 01942 77 88 99

Motorhome/campervan hire

With the younger ones coming home from school, college or even university, we see is only fair to give some ideas for a little family holiday or weekend away with a motorhome. All of these attractions can be reached by a motorhome and are perfect for bringing the family closer together. So give us a call and book a motorhome or campervan with Easirent Wigan and take a family trip here are a few places you might like to visit.

Ages 0-7
When the children are of this age there is plenty of opportunity to keep them happy with the beach and parks.

Pembrokeshire Coast Beach
Simplistic holidays that have nothing to active or tiring. Here are two ideas for this age range.

Pembrokeshire has some of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in the UK, allowing your family to have more space and time of tranquil fun. There is a wide range of old medieval buildings, sand stone walls and rigid cliff line surrounding these small hidden beaches. Making it even more picturesque in aesthetics for your family experience.
Based on the south west coast of Wales a motorhome holiday is the perfect choice as there are a number of attractions dotted around the country on both the way there and the way back making for a spectacular welsh road trip.

Castle Crawling In Scotland
Scotland is renowned for its amazing castles and long line of heritage. So it stands to reason that we needed to add castle crawling to our list as seeing as much of these Scottish castles as possible cannot be a bad thing.
We recommend visiting at least these three castles, simply because of their amazing looks and authentic feel.

Eilean Donan –
This castle has lots of history and heritage and is one of the only authentic 7th century castles in the UK. Parts of the castle have been damaged and rebuilt over time but all of the foundations and the base for the castle are still very much 7th century. However, there is a lot of land to be able to call it a night with your motorhome as in Scotland its perfectly legal to be able to camp literally anywhere you want within the standard road laws.

Stirling Castle –
Stirling Castle based in the small town of Stirling is one of the biggest and boldest castles dominating the Scottish skyline. This is as it’s bordered by cliff face on three sides with a steep wall and tower system on the others. The castle its self has fought off eight different sieges and is thought to have secret tunnels under the castle that lead out into the countryside up to around 3 miles from its walls. Although to date no such tunnels have been found and only appear in myth and legend.

Dunnottar Castle –
Based in-between Aberdeen and Dundee on a small jetted out headland. This castle lies in ruin and despair. The castles rigid decaying appearance gives a strong appeal to a large amount of tourists from across the British Isles.
This is another castle that is bordered on three sides by cliffs but is only accessible by a thin strip of land which would have led to a large gate. This made the castle virtually impenetrable as if a siege did happen the food could have been shipped in over the sea by night and lifted up to the castle by a medieval primitive crane.

Ages 7-13
This is the perfect age to be able to try and inspire the little ones or get them outdoors exercising. Here is a holiday idea for both so you can make the most of summer with them.

Explore the Jurassic Coast
Taking the children here will help them in history and Geography as this coast has long been one that is used for case studies and other things in the first and second years of high school. The south coast has got its name Jurassic coast through the various fossils, plants and animals that call the cliff face its home. The rock here has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to be able to preserve to fossils leaving for some amazing displays and finds along the coast line. There are multiple places along the coast that offer motorhome amenities like water points and electricity hook-ups overnight. Perfect for taking an Easirent motorhome and waking up in the morning looking out over the rolling hills to one side, then the British channel to the other.

Bike Ride the Trail
The track its self is on the derelict location of the Old Birmingham Corporation line that ran across Birmingham and Wales. This allows there to be very few sharp turns and makes for a very tranquil and peaceful ride with the family and more so the young ones. It’s out of harm’s way and far away from busy roads that seem to find their way into every other bike ride track these days.
The track its self has some off road routes to make it longer or shorter if you feel confident with your bike skill. This means that every family no matter what skill level can challenge themselves or simply take it slow on the 18km track. There is also a motorhome park called woodlands caravan and camping park which offers very reasonable prices on accommodation for motorhomes and can give you lots of information on the track and surrounding areas.

Ages 13-18
The age of the moody teenager is always one that makes it hard to engage the children in family life. Here are yet another two holiday ideas to try and get them off their phones and into conversation.

Explore Lake Bala
Bala Lake offers lots of activities and makes it well worthwhile for a few days stop off, if you are thinking of travelling in a motorhome across Wales or simply staying at Bala for a few nights.There are a multitude of activities for the family on the lake ranging from walking trails, to mountain bike routes and even water sports. This physically challenging holiday is something that the family will be able to remember forever

Canoeing In Loch Maree
Loch Maree is well tucked away in the northern most areas of Scotland. Around 8 hour’s drive from wigan and 2 hour’s drive from the nearest large town or city. The Loch its self sees little tourism and is very peaceful indeed. There are a few small islands that are based in the middle of the loch and are known for being one of the most untouched places in the world. This is because they are inaccessible by large boats due to the land locked nature of the loch (it has water falls on both sides). So a small boat is needed to be brought by land to be able to reach the islands which few people have done.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Easirent wigan if you require any further information.

Things to see and do in Manchester – with the help of an Easi Campervan Hire

Manchester is one of the UK’s largest and most vibrant cities – and while it’s probably best known for being home to two of the biggest and most popular football clubs in the world, it’s got a real wealth of character and experiences for you to take in – and what better way to take a tour of the city and surrounding area than with a campervan hire from Easirent? With a simple pick-up from Manchester Airport, roaming the city’s culture and history on four wheels has never been so comfortable – nor so affordable!

So – what is there to see in Manchester? While there’s the already-mentioned football experience you could take on by visiting United at Old Trafford or City at the Etihad Stadium, there’s a great deal of history on display at a number of well-funded and collected museums that you may be able to hunt down on your travels. If you’re a technology or engineering buff you will love checking out the much-celebrated Museum of Science and Industry on Liverpool Road – which, incidentally, is only a few doors down from the soap-head’s dream : Coronation Street – The Tour – where you can take a walk down the famous cobbles and take a close look at the intricate history of TV’s longest-running serial drama.

If you’re more of a fan of world history and ancient artefacts The Manchester Museum is well worth taking in – as is The People’s History Museum if you are particularly interested in local social and economic history. We can assure you that it’s far more exciting and hands-on than we can make it out to be in a sentence!

After taking in culture and knowledge there’s a fantastic array of entertainment venues and theatres for you to sample if you’re looking into spending an evening in the city centre. Club venue and café Gorilla is a popular spot and has been earmarked as one of the best independent eateries in the city – and if you’re heading out for a laugh there’s the famous Comedy Store in the heart of Manchester which is regularly host to scores of stand up comics and generally funny people telling jokes – along with a wide selection of food and drinks. Both Gorilla and The Comedy Store are situated in the city centre surrounded by independent bars and cafés alike – meaning that you are truly spoilt for choice if you’re looking for drinks beforehand or afterwards!

If you’re looking for fun and unique experiences on your visit to Manchester there’s also a chance for you and your friends to try out The Escape Games – essentially large scale puzzle games that you can actively solve out in the open! Breakout Manchester is one such experience which sees a team of friends attempt to escape a locked room within sixty minutes by solving a number of puzzles and tricks – it’s an exhilarating and unique experience that you really won’t be able to find anywhere else!

On top of our suggestions there is of course the Manchester Evening Arena if you’re in the mood for a gig or a giggle – and if you’re looking to take in some retail therapy, The Trafford Centre is a true metropolis and shrine to everything shopping.

Whatever you choose to do or see in Manchester, why not consider taking a campervan around the surrounding area and go exploring? Hiring with Easirent is affordable and convenient, and is especially suited to weekend trips to a city such as Manchester where there’s a huge amount to take in through one sitting alone – why not go vanning and take a few days to enjoy the culture and the history and take comfort in that you’ll be driving your home around with you!

The Edinburgh Frindge Festival August 2015

Scotland’s capital city sees the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, also known as The Fringe, take place every year in August. It is actually the world’s largest arts festival, with shows that include all sorts of performing arts. Attending the Edinburgh Fringe, you will be able to enjoy theatre, music, exhibitions, spoken word performances, comedy, dance and much more, however aside from ticketed events you will also be able to enjoy planned and unplanned street events. Wandering through the streets of Edinburgh, you will be able to soak up the international atmosphere as people from all over the world will gather to enjoy buskers, street artists, and shop at the craft stalls appearing at pop up markets.

During the festival you will still be able to enjoy both the city’s Old Town and New Town, and all that Edinburgh traditionally has to offer. Tourist attractions are aplenty with art galleries, museums, and historical buildings and tours. There is also a huge range of shopping available, as well as award winning food and drink to suit all budgets.

Accommodation can be expensive and also difficult to come by during the Edinburgh Festival, but not if you decide on the option of renting an Easirent Camper Van. Just a short drive from Edinburgh City Centre is a good choice of campsites that boast excellent transport links into the city via either bus or train, taking you to the heart of the festival in as little as ten minutes. Advantages of renting an Easirent Camper Van to take you to the Edinburgh Festival are not only that it provides affordable and convenient accommodation, but it provides you with a home from home, being able to enjoy anything that is going on outwith the city centre too. You will have the freedom to travel on a whim and attend any extra events that are not city centre.

VW Camper vans at Manchester Airport

Easirent VW Campervans can be conveniently collected from Manchester airport, in the UK. Easirent will meet and greet you at the airport terminal, making collecting your campervan extremely easy, convenient, safe and straightforward. Manchester airport is a popular airport and very easy to get to from many locations. The fact that we can meet you there too and personally hand over the campervan is a bonus.

There are a lot of attractions close to Manchester airport that you can visit and enjoy before embarking on your road trip or holiday, which include The Airport Public House where you can buy delicious food and drink to enjoy on the premises. The Runway Visitor Park is another great attraction to take advantage of, weather permitting, which is a beautiful green to sit out on and it gives a great view of the planes too. Aside from other bars and eateries, there is also the Walkden Gardens which are just four miles from Manchester airport. This is a very peaceful and green place that has 5 star reviews from visitors.

Whether you decide to hang around Manchester for a bit, or set off on your journey straight away, you will agree that this Easirent service will get you off on the right foot.

On the road in Edinburgh – A sightseer’s guide

Scotland – bagpipes, haggis, monsters hiding out in large bodies of water – whatever you know it for, you should also know that it’s an absolute juggernaut of culture as well as having a broad and bizarre history. If you’re interested in packing up a Easirent camper van and heading up north, we would seriously recommend making Edinburgh the first stop on your tour – if not the entire holiday!

Edinburgh is just as well-known for its deep history as much as it is its contemporary culture (ever heard of a little thing called the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?), so therefore we’ll be splitting up points of interest for your tour of the capital into three easy-to-digest chunks. Therefore, you can pick and choose ideas from any of the columns at your leisure!


If you’re one to get all misty-eyed and love to dig into the past, there’s an absolute ton of interesting and murky history for you to explore in Edinburgh. A great start will be to visit The National Museum of Scotland, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. This is a colossal collection of cultural delights which celebrates the Scottish identity and houses a number of unique artefacts that really deserve a look at close-up. There’s also an incredible view of the city beyond from the museum’s roof garden, meaning you could quite easily combine all of your sightseeing into one trip to the top of the tower should you wish!

While you’re on a history fix, make sure you get yourself to the dungeons and doldrums of the intimidating Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop a volcano! It’s dormant, meaning you’ll be able to take in the keep of monarchs from centuries past without the fear of being washed away by lava in the process.

To finish off, if architecture and royal history is up your street, why not take a trip to St Giles’ Cathedral, an ancient monument to legions of lost heroes of Scottish lore, with easy access from the high street and no need to pay for entry.


Scotland is a truly beautiful country and Edinburgh is home to many of its most majestic sights. While you can easily traverse many of the surrounding city’s rolling hill by car, taking in breathtaking views of the hillside and the remains of the volcanic region is best enjoyed on a hike up to Arthur’s Seat, so pack a suitable pair of boots and get climbing!

If you don’t fancy braving the borders then you’ll perhaps be more at home having a look around some of the capital’s equally tranquil and enjoyable country parks and gardens – of particular note the Royal Botanic Garden if you fancy looking up some rare flora, or if you’re looking to take in a picnic we would certainly recommend you looking up the Princes Street Gardens, a huge expanse for you to enjoy or relax in in equal measure.


As the capital city, Edinburgh is an absolutely bustling metropolis full of things to do, places to eat and drink and shows to take in. We couldn’t possibly cover it all here, but there’s a few highlights we think are definitely worth you parking the van to one side for the night.

If you’re looking for a particularly glitzy evening out, recommends a trip to George Street, home to some of the swankiest bars and restaurants as well as being a veritable smorgasbord of high-class shopping if you’ve got a bit of holiday money to spare. If you’re looking for an especially decadent time, why not take in the Harvey Nichols Foodmarket – while it may sound like an al fresco affair, this is a colossal restaurant offering a boggling amount of choice and dishes you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else. You will certainly get your money’s worth!

If the Foodmarket is a little out of your price league and you’re looking for something a little more special than a J.D. Wetherspoon, why not have a look at some of the city’s more unique twists on the ‘pub food’ phenomenon? Quirky but satisfying restaurants such as Pickles or The Three Birds offer tasty and varied menus that are hugely appraised by just about everybody on TripAdvisor, meaning that there truly is a balance if you’re looking to let your money do the talking. Don’t forget that Edinburgh is also a city known for its Whisky, and there are a number of tours available for you to indulge in traditional Scottish spirit at your leisure

In summary, Edinburgh is an absolutely huge experience and most websites recommend you take a few days to get the absolute best out of it. If you’ve got your van, got two or three days to kill and some good people to spend it with, get yourself up and over the border and have a look at what our Northern cousins have to offer you.

Eating on the move

The benefit of hiring a VW Campervan for your European holiday is that you are free to come and go as you please, and that includes eating your meals whenever it suits you too. You are free to cater to you and your family’s dietary needs and wants on your own terms, which is something that can also save you a lot of money on your trip along the way. Being able to prepare and cook food in your VW Campervan is not something that vans rented elsewhere always offer, but at Easirent we make sure that you have everything you need to cater for yourself on your holiday.

Cooking in your VW Campervan couldn’t be easier. All Easirent campers have their own two-ring gas stove installed which is ideal for cooking a whole host of quick dishes such as eggs, bacon, sausage, stir-fries, rice, pasta, spag-bol, or basic heating of foods from a tin, and more. There is no oven in the vans, however the majority of people can easily get away without using an oven on their holiday. A small barbeque is an alternative idea for cooking also, and the disposable kind can be conveniently picked up across Europe as and when you may want to have a barbeque for lunch or dinner. A barbeque is also part of the special holiday experience, and it is great for outdoor cooking and dining.

An electric fridge is included in the Easirent camper, which makes the concept of self-catering all the easier. A fridge on board means you can carry your essentials such as butter and milk, and keep your drinks cool too. The Easirent campervan also has a sink, which will mean you can wash vegetables, drain pasta, and last but not least do your washing up.

Aventures can happen in a campervan

Very few people realise that one of the best ways to visit and tour Europe is in a campervan. A road trip across Europe is something that most people dream about doing one day, but they often put it off for whatever reason. The truth is, a campervan holiday in Europe is something that is actually easily done, affordable, and is very practical for all the family. You don’t have to worry about transport of any kind when you have the van on the road, and you can come and go as you please.

You have the freedom to browse your maps and take any detours on a whim, and with your accommodation always with you you can decide to stay somewhere unplanned. This is a real plus and is what pulls most people to choosing this way of travel. You can literally make up your own trip as you go along.

Taking a campervan holiday in France, Spain, or any other popular European travel destination will no doubt give you excellent weather and you will be able to make the most of the outdoors not only in terms of viewing the scenery as you drive, but also you can do as much of your living out of doors as you wish in terms of eating and leisure time, without giving up the comfort and convenience that is provided inside the van. Both France and Spain have excellent campsite facilities, however you do have the option of free camping where you can find a safe spot should you so desire. You can basically take up camp wherever the notion takes you.

Nowadays campervans that are hired come with some if not all mod-cons. You will have all the comfort and convenience of having a fridge, cooking facilities, TV if required, and other things depending on the deal. It really is a win-win option for holidaying and will enable you to have a trip of a lifetime.

Easirent Campervan Advice

Campervan holidays can be a lot of fun when you’re on the road, but staying in one is sometimes a different matter. You are in constant close proximity with a partner, friends and or kids, sometimes for weeks at a time. So how do you survive what can be a serious social test?

Here’s Easirent’s top tips….

Take as little as possible

Minimalism isn’t a choice but a necessity when you’re staying in a campervan , so learn to live with as little baggage as possible. Take the essentials and a sparse selection of clothes, so that you have something for different weather conditions and something to suit different places you might visit.

Plan for bad weather

It rains in the UK. Get over it. But plan for it too, as being stuck in a van all day can get quite boring very quickly. It is probably wise to have some games in mind that will keep you entertained for a couple of hours. Card games usually work well, and a couple of travel board games won’t take up much space. You can also save some indoor attractions for the bad weather, so you can have some fun and stay dry.

Use campsites

A plus of campervan travel is that you can park up in any number of places for the night. However, the lack of toilets, showers and other facilities will get annoying very quickly.

Do it with a smile

Travelling by van can be loads of fun but there are more glamorous ways to get around. Things will go wrong, such as getting caught in a downpour or getting totally lost in the middle of nowhere. If you can laugh at these blips you will have a fun road trip with minimal stress.

Take advantage of sites with great facilities

If you are a seasoned traveller you will know that the facilities offered by different campsites can vary . Some have swanky shower blocks and toilets with handwash and moisturiser; others do not! So enjoy the good sites and use the facilities for all they’re worth.

Choose your fellow campers carefully

Living in a campervan can be a real test of relationships, so if you’re planning to tour the entire UK, don’t go with just anyone. Travel only with people you really like, and ideally people who are easy-going and happy to rough it a little.

Where to park

When you arrive on your campsite you may be given your pitch, but if you can choose it’s worth taking time to decide where you’d like to park.

Near the Toilets or far away?

Do you want to be near the amenity block or other facilities? It could be convenient in the middle of the night , but can also lead to more people walking around or across your pitch, at 2 o clock in the morning.

Play areas are brilliant

If your children are small you may want to be close to the play area so you can keep an eye on them from your camper van but , remember that other children may still be playing enthusiastically when your little ones should be asleep.


Hedges can form great windbreaks on an exposed site.

Watch out for trees

It can look attractive to pitch under a tree, but large trees can drip sap and birds have a habit of leaving little presents on your beautiful camper van . Rain will also drip from trees, even after the shower has stopped.

And remember if you get it wrong it’s not a huge problem, you can just move your camper.