Cornish Delights

A motorhome trip to Cornwall can be a fantastic adventure! Cornwall, located in the southwest of England, is known for its stunning coastline, charming villages, historic sites, and delicious seafood. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a motorhome trip to Cornwall:

Day 1: Arrival in Cornwall

  • Start your journey by driving to Cornwall and finding a suitable campsite or motorhome park to set up your base.
  • Explore the nearby area, perhaps take a stroll along the coastline, or visit a nearby town or village for an initial taste of Cornwall.

Day 2-3: St. Ives

  • Drive to St. Ives, a picturesque coastal town famous for its art scene and beautiful beaches.
  • Spend a couple of days exploring the town, visit the Tate St. Ives art gallery, relax on the beaches, and enjoy some seafood in one of the many restaurants.

Day 4-5: Land’s End and Penzance

  • Head to Land’s End, the most westerly point of mainland England. Enjoy the stunning cliffs and coastal views.
  • Visit Penzance, a historic town with charming streets and the famous St. Michael’s Mount accessible by foot during low tide.

Day 6-7: Falmouth and the Roseland Peninsula

  • Travel to Falmouth, a vibrant maritime town with a rich history. Explore the maritime museum and take a boat trip around the harbour.
  • Drive to the Roseland Peninsula, known for its secluded coves and picturesque scenery. Visit St. Mawes and enjoy the beautiful coastal walks.

Day 8-9: The Eden Project and Bodmin Moor

  • Visit the Eden Project, a unique botanical garden housed in biomes, showcasing diverse plant life from around the world.
  • Explore Bodmin Moor, a rugged landscape dotted with granite tors and historic sites like Jamaica Inn, made famous by Daphne du Maurier’s novel.

Day 10: Return or Extension

  • Depending on your schedule, either start heading back or extend your trip to explore more of Cornwall or nearby areas.


  • Plan your route carefully, considering the size of your motorhome and any restrictions on certain roads.
  • Book campsites or parking spots in advance, especially during peak seasons.
  • Embrace the local cuisine – try Cornish pasties, fresh seafood, and traditional cream teas.
  • Respect the natural environment and follow local guidelines for waste disposal and conservation.

Cornwall offers a diverse range of landscapes and activities, ensuring a memorable motorhome adventure filled with scenic drives, coastal walks, and cultural experiences. Enjoy your trip!

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