Dog Friendly Campervan Hire

Hire a Dog-friendly campervan

We at Easicampers understand how important it is to find dog-friendly accommodation or a suitable dog-friendly holiday, so we have some dedicated hire vehicles that are exclusive for dog owners. In our experience, we know dogs absolutely love living in a motorhome or campervan, they too can enjoy your adventure and not be left behind (plus you will save some money on kennel fees).

So, please bring your dog along to your campervan or motorhome hire holiday, this way the whole family can enjoy being together and create memories you’ll never forget.

Our dog-friendly vehicles can accommodate two small dogs or 1 medium-sized dog. You’re welcome to give our motorhome hire team a call on 01942 821080 to discuss your requirements.

The joys of traveling in a campervan with a dog

One of our many regular hire couples, Arthur and Eileen from Edinburgh, love to take their dog on their Scottish travels. We asked them to give us their top 5 reasons why camping out with their dog Oscar is a real joy for this retired couple.

Arthur says:

Our number 1 reason why we love to take Oscar with us is so we can all enjoy the motorhome holiday together, when we don’t take him with us we are often wondering how is doing with our friend Alice.

Secondly, we believe that bringing the dog in our motorhome allows us to build a stronger bond. We enjoy forest walks, beaches and we think Oscar enjoys these as well as us.

The next reason would be the new places we visit in the motorhome. We have explored many miles, and we hope to explore more miles in the near future. They do say new environments can be good for your dog.

I’d then say bringing the dog along with us makes us not feel guilty, this is a reason in itself. We recently went on a cruise and didn’t bring the dog. We were often talking about Oscar and felt guilty about choosing a holiday that did not permit dogs.

And lastly, I would have to say we have enjoyed time meeting new people during our dog travels. They say “dogs can connect people” and we can vouch for that. We have spent a lot of time in the motorhome campsites as well as dog-loving communities talking and meeting new people.

Campervan & Dog safety tips

Mike in our hire team is also a real dog lover, we asked him to give us some tips about traveling in a motorhome or campervan with a dog and things to consider regarding your dog’s health.

Mike explains:

I would recommend all hirers to ensure that their dog is microchipped and to keep the details up to date, likewise please ensure insurance details and dog vaccinations are up to date too.

Consider searching online in the weeks prior to your trip for the closet Vet Surgeries near to the motorhome campsite you’re staying in, in the event your dog becomes unwell in the motorhome, you will have the details ready and available.

I would also recommend that basic commands are practiced before your travels for obvious reasons! I would definitely check the leads and collars for signs of wear and tear, and replace these if there are any signs of damage. In my vehicle, I have a first aid kit ready and available for my own dog Max. In the event I need to use a muzzle, need sticking tape or control bleeding, I am well prepared.

Recommended dog-friendly camp sites in Scotland

Are you looking for areas where you can have dog walks on-site and enjoy a well-earned rest from driving? Lagnaha Farm at Argyll is always highly recommended by dog lovers. Cobleland is another fantastic site, this site sits alongside a lazy river. For more inspiration please visit the Camping with dogs page on

Our Dog-friendly campervan hire fleet

The Fiat Toleno L motorhome is a 2 berth motorhome with a shower, toilet and a kitchen. Hirers can benefit from one huge double bed or divide the bed into 2 x single beds.

Our VW Grand California is our newest addition to our fleet. This quality camper is a 2 berth complete with a shower, a toilet, kitchen sink and hob. It’s an Automatic drive.

The Fiat Toleno L motorhome is a 2 berth motorhome with a shower, toilet and a kitchen. Hirers can benefit from one huge double bed or divide the bed into 2 x single beds.

Our Fiat Tribute 669 model is a 4 berth motorhome with a shower and toilet. Some of our hirers ask to have the top double bed removed to leave more space and one double bed below.

The VW California Campervan, an automatic T6.1 Model, is an iconic campervan with an electric pop up roof. This camper has a bike rack and awning, and it sleeps 4. There is no toilet on board this camper but worry not…. we can provide a porta potty.

Our Auto trail T615 is a luxury 2-4 berth motorhome. This motorhome has a shower and toilet, there is one double bed over the cab. Additionally, you will find two single beds in the main cabin.

The 6 berth Ford Zefiro 675 motorhome is a luxury motorhome than sleeps 6 persons. Hirers will benefit from a shower, toilet, kitchen and a bike rack. The sleeping and comfort layout in this motorhome is as good as it gets: 1 x double bed over the cab, one double bed in the main cabin, 2 single beds (bunks) at the rear of the motorhome.