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Looking for a break away this summer we still have availability on our VW California campervans at Easicampers Wigan, Preston and Blackburn. I have listed some of the best road trips around Europe to go in you’re Campervan.

Easicampers knows that the best road trips in Europe are something of myth and legend with more and more people heading out to the European coast every year to be able to see what is available. Therefore, it makes sense that we bring you the best VW campervan road trips we could find that allow you to be able to get lost exploring the most beautiful coastal roads in Europe.

Monaco to Genoa – Beautiful Scenery

Monaco to Genoa takes you across the coastline of south east of France over into Italy through the cities of Nice, Toulon and Savona and takes around 3-4 days to complete if you stop along the way to explore. This route sees you follow the north coast of the Mediterranean and in turn is a warm route during the summer months whilst having a chilly climate in the winter months. Well worth visiting if you love warm weather and amazing views.
The view also has a wide variety of small picturesque Italian and French seaside villages for you to be able to overlook from the main road and even pull over to explore in some cases, well worth looking at if you are a lover of south European culture.

Perpignan to Corunna – Mountainous Coast

This is a trip that sees you take to one of the more mountainous regions of Europe through Andorra and over the Pyrenees and along the northern most coast of Spain to the city of Corunna. This in turn sees you take to France, Spain and Andorra all in one trip along two coasts. Although not the entire road trip is on the coastal roads, the majority is and the small amount that is not sees you taken through the breath taking north Spanish mountains as you see views over the snow-capped peaks and the deep snow covered valleys below.

Sicilian Coast – Beautiful Scenery

The Sicilian coast is an amazing location that offers some of the best scenery in the entire world and is located right here in Europe making it very accessible to a wide array of people. You can reach it by heading over to Italy and catching the ferry in your Easicampers Motorhome meaning that you have the chance to be able to enjoy the west coast of Italy on your journey down the coast. Whilst at the same time having the availability of stopping in the Alps for a day to two to be able to explore the natural beauty of this location. Sicily is world famous for its rural nature and beautiful scenery making it well worth the journey when you do the full lap of its coastline.

Scotland – NC500

The NC500 is the British answer to route 66 and has been opened in northern Scotland to be able to give people a taste of Scottish culture. The route starts at Inverness castle, which is a signature point for Scottish culture, and lasts around 516 miles which gives it an impressive length and makes it well worth following if you want to feel the true highland culture. The route its self-follows the entire northern Scotland coast around the highlands and has a huge array of small cafe’s and picturesque villages and hamlets along the route. This in turn makes it amazing if you are looking for a location you can explore this summer.

Bodo to Bergen – Nordic Road

Bodo to Bergen is for the people who are prepared to be able to take the more Nordic and scenic route and to travel on a road trip over the faster and more sunny routes of the south. This route will see you pass through many snow-blanketed valleys and through many mountains, before you reach your destination, which in turn makes it a friend to the hardcore explorer. This road trip can take up to a week depending how much you drive every day so it’s worth taking a look for yourself and shortening it if you need to before undertaking it.

If you are considering any of these campervan getaways then why not take a look through our range of VW California t5s and t6 to see if we have anything that interests you? Please do not hesitate to give the Wigan Easicampers team a call on 01942 821080 or email easirent@wigan.com