Embarking on the Ultimate Adventure: Exploring the NC500 in an Easicamper’s Motorhome


The North Coast 500 (NC500) is a road trip dream, a mesmerizing route that winds its way through the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Now, imagine experiencing this journey not just by car but in the comfort of an Easicampers motorhome. Buckle up for the ride of a lifetime as we delve into the unique and unforgettable experience of tackling the NC500 in a cozy mobile home on wheels.

Day 1: Setting Off on the Highland Highway

The adventure begins as you set off from your starting point, perhaps Inverness, in your Easicampers motorhome. The thrill of the open road and the anticipation of the incredible landscapes that lie ahead are palpable. With ample storage and all the amenities you need, your motorhome becomes a home away from home.

Day 2-3: Coastal Marvels and Seaside Serenity

As you wind your way along the NC500, prepare to be mesmerized by the ever-changing coastal scenery. From the iconic Applecross Pass to the charming villages of Ullapool and Durness, each stop offers a unique blend of natural beauty and Scottish hospitality. Park your Easicampers motorhome at a scenic spot, open the door to the sound of crashing waves, and savor the freedom of the road.

Day 4-5: Mountain Majesty and Lochside Leisure

Heading inland, you’ll encounter the majesty of the Scottish mountains. The motorhome’s nimble size allows you to navigate the winding roads with ease, providing access to hidden gems like the Bealach na Bà viewpoint. Take your time exploring the shores of Loch Maree and Loch Assynt, immersing yourself in the tranquility of these pristine landscapes.

Day 6-7: Castle Ruins and Historical Haunts

The NC500 is not just about nature; it’s also a journey through Scotland’s rich history. Stop at the majestic Dunrobin Castle, the ruins of Ardvreck Castle, and the mystical Clava Cairns. Your Easicampers motorhome allows you to stay close to these historical sites, letting you absorb the stories embedded in the Scottish soil.

Conclusion: A Journey to Remember

As your NC500 adventure comes to an end, reflecting on the miles traveled and the memories made, you’ll realize that the decision to explore this stunning route in an Easicampers motorhome was nothing short of brilliant. The freedom to go wherever the road leads, the comfort of your rolling accommodation, and the sheer joy of waking up to a new view each day create a travel experience unlike any other.

So, if you’re contemplating the NC500, consider doing it in an Easicampers motorhome – an unparalleled way to embrace the magic of Scotland’s North Coast 500. Get ready for a road trip filled with breathtaking landscapes, cozy campfire nights, and the true essence of adventure. 🚐🏞️✨

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