Essential Tips and Tricks

Here are 30 essential tips and tricks curated by our Expert rental assistants to help beginners make the most out of their motorhome experience with Easicampers

  1. Manual Familiarization: Take the time to thoroughly understand your motorhome’s manual provided by us. It’s your guide to mastering every aspect of your vehicle.
  2. Fuel Tank Awareness: Avoid costly mishaps by never putting fuel in the fresh water tank. Differentiate between fuel and water tank fillers to ensure smooth operations.
  3. Weight Limits: Pay attention to weight limits to maintain safety and insurance compliance.
  4. Dimensions Mastery: Spend time driving and maneuvering your motorhome to become comfortable with its size. Practice makes perfect!
  5. Electric System Understanding: Efficiently utilize your electric system to avoid overloading and conserve energy. Know how to operate it effectively.
  6. Organization is Key: Make a list of essential items and organize your space efficiently for a smoother journey.
  7. GPS Navigation: Utilize GPS navigation to ease travel and avoid getting lost. Save time, fuel, and frustration.
  8. App-Based Planning: Use apps to map your journey, find interesting places, and plan your route effectively. Technology is your friend! Especially sites such as
  9. Leisure Battery Check: Check your leisure battery if you plan to wild camp, run the engine or spend a night every few days on a site with hook up. A little preparation goes a long way.
  10. Route Planning: Ensure your route is well-planned and perform pre-trip checks to avoid surprises. Preparation is key to a successful journey.
  11. Window and Hatch Security: Secure all openings in your motorhome before driving to prevent damage and accidents. Safety first!
  12. Speed Limit Adherence: Adhere to speed limits, especially for heavy vehicles like motorhomes. Safety should always be a priority.
  13. Wing-Mirror Protection: Protect your wing mirrors from damage with the Wing Mirror Protection waiver. Safeguard your deposit against unexpected mishaps.
  14. Night Driving Avoidance: Plan your trips to avoid driving at night, especially in unfamiliar areas. Safety and visibility are paramount.
  15. Resource Monitoring: Monitor and replenish essential resources like fuel, gas, and water regularly. Stay prepared for any situation.
  16. Safety Equipment: Our motorhomes carry safety equipment like fire extinguishers and CO2 detectors for emergencies. we prioritize your safety at all times.
  17. Security Measures: Secure your motorhome to deter thieves and protect your belongings. Peace of mind is priceless. Motorhomes are usually secure, lock your door when you leave and close the windows
  18. Odor Prevention: Take steps to prevent unwanted smells from developing in your motorhome. Maintain a fresh and pleasant environment.
  19. Mold Prevention: Keep your motorhome clean, well-ventilated, and dry to prevent mold growth. A clean space is a healthy space.
  20. Valuables Protection: Minimize the risk of theft by securing valuables out of sight. Protect your belongings during your travels.
  21. Weather Preparedness: Be ready for any weather conditions by checking forecasts and preparing accordingly. Adaptability is key to a successful trip.
  22. Alternate Transportation: Utilize bikes or hiking to explore areas inaccessible by motorhome. Embrace adventure in all its forms.
  23. Online Forums for Guidance: Don’t hesitate to seek advice from online forums if you encounter difficulties. Learn from the experiences of others. Our website has many problem solving guides in the rare occasion something goes awry
  24. Water Conservation: Conserve water by taking short showers and utilizing campsite facilities when available. Respect the environment.
  25. Spare Tyre Readiness: Be prepared for tire emergencies our motorhomes and campervans carry a spare tyre or emergency pump with you. A little extra caution goes a long way.
  26. Heating System Check: We ensure your motorhome’s heating system is functioning correctly, especially in colder climates. So you stay warm and comfortable.
  27. Energy Usage Monitoring: Conserve battery power by tracking your energy usage and spare fuses (included if needed). Efficiency is key to a smooth journey.
  28. Backup Gas Bottle: Having a backup gas bottle to avoid running out during cooking or heating. Stay prepared for any situation. We offer full bottles of gas for just £45!
  29. Legal Compliance: Familiarize yourself with the laws and regulations of the country you plan to visit to avoid legal issues. Knowledge is power.
  30. Enjoy the Adventure: Finally, relax and enjoy the freedom and adventure that comes with motorhome travel! Embrace every moment of your journey.

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