FAQs for Campervans & Motorhomes

Which licence do I need to drive motorhome/ campervan with Easicampers?

Category B licence is suitable. Category C is not required.

UK, ALL EU, Canada, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Israel and UAE.

Can I take my vehicle to Europe?

European cover must be booked at least two weeks minimum before the commencements date of the hire. This cannot be added on at the time of collection of the vehicle Travel in Mainland Europe is permissible. A charge for European travel is mandatory at a cost of £100.00 per week or hire you will be in breach of these terms and conditions should you take a motorhome into Europe without purchasing this. It is the responsibility of the hirer to purchase a European travel kit either via Easicampervan hire of from a reputable retailer. It is a criminal offence to travel to some parts of Europe without these items. This should be researched prior to rental commencing. Travel is permitted to the following countries:


Travel outside of these countries in an Easicampervan vehicle will be in breach of your terms and conditions and you will not be covered by any insurance.

How do I operate the features and on-board appliances?

A member of the Easicampers team will show you how to operate all the appliances on the day of collection!

What insurance option do I have?

Fiat Toleno L 2 Berth, VW California Ocean, Auto-trail Tribute 669 4 Berth

– Standard cover: no excess reduction
– Saver cover: will REDUCE your liability to £650
– Secure cover: will REDUCE your liability to £325

Ford Zefiro 675 6 Berth, Auto-trail Tribute T615 4 Berth

– Standard cover: no excess reduction
– Saver cover: reduce your liability to £1000
– Secure cover: reduce your liability to £500

What is your picking up and dropping off hours?

Pick up between: 14:00pm-18:00pm
Drop off between: 8:00am-10:00am

What is your minimum hire age?

30 years is the minimum hire age

What is your maximum hire age?

70 years is the maximum hire age

Can I travel with my pets?

Yes, we allow pets to travel in our motorhomes. This involves additional charge of £50 GBP.

Where should I stay when travelling in one of your vehicles?

We always recommend to stay in secure campsites for your own safety and your own comfort due to access to the electricity, water etc. Please visit this websites for more information and list of recommendable campsites in Scotland, England and Wales https://www.campsites.co.uk/

How frequent is the shuttle bus service at Edinburgh Airport?

Our shuttle bus service operates every 15-20 minutes from stance 7. The shuttle bus is operated by Low Cost Parking.

Is bedding included in the rental?

Bedding is not included in the hire. You need to purchase your bedding set separately.

Can I drive your campers to a festival?

Yes, of course you can drive our vehicles to festivals. It is absolutely the best and most convenient mode of travelling to the festivals around the UK and also in the Europe.

What is included in the hire?

You have a free cutlery and cookery included in the hire. Also our minimum insurance and toilet chemicals are included in the hire.

How many people can sleep in your vehicles?

Tolento L – up to 2 people
VW California – up to 4 people
Tribute 669 – up to 4 people
Auto Trail T615 – up to 4 people
Ford Zefiro 675 – up to 6 people

Is there in Easicampers minimum hire period required?

Our minimum hire period is 3 days. During high demand season ie June / July we may increase the minimum hire period.

Is there a gas policy?

Only customers who pre-paid for a gas will collect vehicle with full tank.

Everyone else will get their vehicle with certain level of gas matching the level of gas returned by the previous customer.

Additional gas purchase is at the customer’s own expense.

Is there a fuel policy?

You will collect your vehicle with the certain level of fuel and you need to return it with the same level of fuel.

The fuel level in the vehicle will match the fuel level left in the vehicle by the previous customer.

How I am going to know how to use the campervan/motorhome?

Please don’t worry! A member of our staff will explain all the controls and functions of your rental vehicle.

How long does it take for the collection and drop off process?

We would recommend you to leave approximately 1 hour on your arrival and 1 hour on your departure for us to do all checks and to complete the paperwork.

What is the standard equipment for each of your rental vehicles?

– Kettle
– Tea towels
– Frying pan
– Sauce pan
– Colander
– Cooking utensils
– Vegetable knife
– Bread knife
– Dinner plates
– Side plates
– Bowls
– Cutlery set
– Mugs
– Glasses
– Salt/pepper