Ford Zefiro 675

Here we will walk you through what you can expect from our Ford Zefiro 675 motorhome from Easicampers Preston. This comfortable and spacious vehicle comes equipped with a range of features to make your road trip comfortable and enjoyable. Let’s take a closer look.

The Ford Zefiro 675 has a comfortable driver’s seat that can be adjusted to suit your needs. You can move the seat forward or backward, adjust the backrest angle, and adjust the height of the seat. The steering wheel can also be adjusted to the perfect position for you.

The dashboard of the Ford Zefiro 675 has a range of features to help you stay comfortable and safe on your journey. You’ll find a radio with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone and play your favourite tunes. The touchscreen display can be used to control the air conditioning and heating system, so you can keep the temperature just right.

Next up is the kitchen area. The Ford Zefiro 675 has a fully equipped kitchenette, including a sink, a gas stove, and a refrigerator. To use the sink, simply turn on the tap and adjust the temperature to your liking. To use the stove, turn the gas knob to light the burner, and adjust the flame to the desired level. The refrigerator is powered by the vehicle’s battery and can keep your food and drinks cool for your entire trip.

The dining area in the Ford Zefiro 675 is perfect for enjoying your meals. The table can be easily set up and taken down, and the seats are comfortable and spacious. You can even turn the dining area into a bed, providing additional sleeping space for your journey.

Now, let’s move to the bathroom. The Ford Zefiro 675 has a compact bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. To use the toilet, simply press the button to flush. The sink has a tap and a mirror, and the shower can be used by turning on the faucet and adjusting the temperature to your liking.

The sleeping area in the Ford Zefiro 675 is comfortable and spacious. Above the driver’s cab is a double sleeping area followed by 2 single bunk beds to the rear and the dining area that converts to a double bed. You can adjust the blinds on the windows to ensure privacy and a good night’s sleep.

The Ford Zefiro 675 has plenty of storage space for all your belongings. There are overhead lockers throughout the vehicle, as well as storage space under the seats and in the kitchen area. You can also store larger items in the garage area at the rear of the vehicle.

And that’s a brief overview of the features of the Ford Zefiro 675.

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