Ford Zefiro Troubleshooting


There are several things you will need to check to establish the fault. Firstly, you will need to check the control panels above the door.


The Truma control panel (on the left above the door) has the settings for the heating & hot water. You will need to check that these are set correctly, to do this, press the rotary switch on the panel below the screen so that the screen has lit up and you should be able to see the full display. The first image of a motorhome is for the heating, the second image is for the hot water, the third image is for the source you want them to work off i.e. gas or electric and the fourth one is the fan setting. You need to check that the heating has been set correctly, use the rotary switch by pressing it in to select the heating image, this should show you what temperature you want to set it to this ranges from off-30. Turn the rotary switch until the desired temperature is reached & then push the rotary switch in to select the temperature. Then use the white return button in the bottom left of the panel next to the rotary switch to return to the main display.

You can now go to the hot water setting by using the rotary switch & press the switch once you get to the hot water image, the settings here should be OFF, ECO, HOT & BOOST. The settings speak for themselves & are self-explanatory, the boost setting is if you would like hot water a little sooner, please remember if you only have gas as your main source of working the heating & hot water the setting selected will determine the gas usage. Once you have selected the required setting, press the rotary switch so that the panel remembers your choice. You can again press the white return button at the bottom left of the control panel to return to the main display.

Setting the energy source for the heating & hot water to work off. Again, using the rotary switch, go to the third image which should be a gas bottle & press the switch, here you have the following displayed, GAS, MIX1, MIX2, EL1 & EL2. It is very important that you set this correctly for the heating & hot water to work. If you are on a camp site & have an electricity supply that you can hook the vehicle up to, it is always advisable to use this as your main source of power which would be EL1 or EL2. This will conserve the gas that you have for cooking, also it has the added advantage of letting you leave the vehicle hooked up & you wouldn’t have to worry if you leave the heating & hot water on whilst you are out enjoying your holiday & running out of gas. If you only have gas as your main supply, it is advisable to start the heating & hot water around 30 minutes before you require it. This will conserve the gas you have in your gas bottle.


This is for when you only have the gas as the main energy source

MIX1- Electric (900w) + GAS (check the camp site you are on for voltage) this allows you to use both gas & electric as the supply for working the heating & hot water, it will mix both equally. You must have electric hook up for this setting to work. If there is no electric hook up to the vehicle, an error code will be displayed on the screen & you will have no heating or hot water.

MIX2- Electric (1800w) + GAS (all details as above for mix1)

EL1- Electric (900w) (Please check with the camp site that you are on for the voltage) this will work the heating & hot water off the electric ONLY. This is the best way to operate the heating & hot water providing that you have an electric hook up point to connect your vehicle to.

You can select the correct source according to what energy source you have available to you by using the rotary switch & pressing it to select the option required.

You will know if the heating & hot water are working as both the heating picture & hot water picture will both be flashing to indicate that they are getting to the selected temperature.

Dealing with fault codes for heating / hot water

When the control panel identifies that there is a fault or warning it will show on the Truma display in the following format…


The triangle at the bottom of the display is indicating that there is a fault with one or both applications that has been set (heating and or hot water). The fault can be fixed by identifying the code that is being displayed. You can find the code by using the rotary switch to get to the triangle & then push the button so that the code is displayed. Below are the formats that the codes are displayed in, they are both examples:

W 42 H
W- Warning
42- Fault Code
H- Device (heater/boiler)

E 112 H
E- Fault
112- Fault Code
H- Device (heater/ boiler)

The following are codes that will be displayed & how to fix them. Most of the time the faults are static, however, if you try to re set the fault without success more than 3 times it can put the display in to a locked mode & will need to be re-set, please ensure you look at the fault codes below & the remedies & take the necessary action before trying the reset, if you are unsure of how to do this then please contact the office on 0044 1942 778899.

This can be done by using the rotary switch to get to the triangle & then pushing the button so that the fault code is displayed & then push the rotary switch again, if the code vanishes then you have successfully re-set the panel & it will need no further action, however, if the fault code continues to flash, you will need to leave the panel exactly like this for 15 minutes whilst the panel re-sets its self. You will know when the panel has re set itself as the fault code will stop flashing & you can then push the rotary switch and the fault should then disappear. The most common fault codes are below with remedies to fix them:

#17: summer mode with empty water container. You need to switch the heater off and allow to cool & ensure that the boiler has water in it. This can be done by ensuring that the vehicle has water in the water tank then turn the pump on until the pump stops running.

#18: warm air outlets are blocked. Check the outlets which can be found below the cooker and under the seating area. You will also find others throughout the vehicle by the beds. They have a light brown cover which should be in the open position, if they are closed and blocking the air outlets this is the cause.

#24 & #44: Risk of low voltage < 10.4 v. Charge the battery. This can be done by running the vehicle and allowing the leisure battery to be charged for a short while, or you can hook the vehicle up to an electric source & this will charge the leisure battery also.

#42: open window above cowl. The window near the seating area is open or not shut properly. The window has a cowl attached to it that has a sensor on it. There is an exhaust below the window that takes Co2 out of the vehicle when the heating & hot water is turned on & the cowl acts as a safety switch, therefore the heating is cut off as a safety measure. Ensure that the window is closed properly & the catches are all on the catches close to you & not on the middle catch.

#45: No 230v in operation. Check the settings on the panel, if the energy source is set to EL1 or EL2 but you are not hooked up to an electric source you will not be able to use the heating & hot water on the EL settings, change the setting to GAS and this will allow the heating & hot water to operate. Alternatively, if you are hooked up to an electric point on a campsite, check with them that the stand has power to it or if you must pay for the electric.

#112 & #202: Gas cylinder or quick acting valve in the gas supply line is closed, or your gas bottle is empty. Firstly, check that your gas bottle is full, then have a look at the top of the gas bottle & you will see a valve on top that shows the direction for open & closed, ensure that this is open. You will see that there is a yellow toggle attached to the gas pipe that runs in to the vehicle, this should run the same way as the gas pipe, if it does not run the same way as the gas pipe this means that the valve is shut off.

#122 & #212: Combustion air in feed or exhaust outlet is sealed/ blocked. Go to the outside of the vehicle where the dining area window is and you will see a round exhaust below the window, check to see if anything is obstructing the outlets. Clear the obstruction & this will clear the fault.

#255: Heater has no 12v power supply. Ensure that both panels are switched on, this is supplying the heater with power so that it can run.

If any of the remedies do not work or if the fault code does not appear in the list above, please contact trauma & they will help you trouble shoot the fault 00441283 587960.



This is a straightforward operation, however if you are having trouble lighting the oven or hob there are a few things that you can check to correct any faults. You will see on the oven dial that you turn to the left for the oven & to the right for the grill, you will need to hold the dial in to allow the gas to flow through to the appliance & then you can light it with either the igniter switch (if you have one) or with the lighter provided. The hob works the same, you will see which way to turn the dial in order to have a large flame or smaller flame, you will need to hold the dial in to allow the gas to flow through to the appliance. You can usually tell if gas is coming through to the appliance with both the smell of gas & the sound of the gas coming through, however, if this is not the case then you will need to check the following:

17 & 18 plate vehicles: Under where the cooker is you will see a cupboard, if you look in the cupboard (you will need to crouch down to be level with the cupboard) on the right hand side you will see there are some red toggles, these are isolator switches for the gas supply inside the vehicle. They should all run in the same direction as the pipes. If thy do not run in the same direction, this means there is no gas supply to that appliance, alter the position by turning the toggle either clockwise or anti clockwise & this should restore the gas supply.
19 plate vehicles: Open the cupboard below the hob & you will see the red toggles, follow the instructions as above & the gas supply will be restored.

If you have checked all the above toggles and they all appear to be in the same direction as the pipe, go to the gas cupboard door on the outside of the vehicle & open the cupboard. You will need to check firstly that you have gas in the gas bottle. If there is gas in the bottle, then you should be able to operate the oven & hob without issue, if the gas bottle feels empty or very low, you will need to replace the gas bottle. This can be done at some campsites; however, you can also use google to find your nearest supplier of gas bottles.

If the gas bottle has been established as full or has a decent amount in there, you can then go ahead and check the Valve on top of the bottle, you will see arrows which confirm which way to turn to open the valve or close it, ensure that the valve has been turned to open. If the valve is open, please check the yellow toggle on the gas pipe which leads into the vehicle. This toggle should run the same way as the gas pipe. Once you have checked all these things & identified the fault, the gas supply should be restored to the vehicle.



The taps are very easy to work, you turn to the left for hot water & the right for cold water & lift the tap handle to allow the water to flow. If the water is not flowing through the taps there are a few things that you can check. Firstly, check that there is water in the tank on the motorhome, you can do this by either checking the roller team panel above the door on the right & you can check the water levels by turning the panel on & pressing the button on the top right & this should give you a % of water that is in the tank, it will be on a scale of 0%-100%. 100% means that the tank is full, if the % is very low, please re fill the water tank & the flow of water through the taps will be restored. Another way to check the water level is a visual check in the actual tank. This can be done by going to the seating area, you will need to remove the table to give you some space, then lift the bottom cushion on the right (if you are looking at the window), then you can lift the wooden seat up revealing the water tank. You will see a red screw cap on top of the tank; you can unscrew this & check if there is water in the tank.

Check that the pump is turned on, this pumps water from the water tank, through to the taps. You will see on the roller team panel above the door on the right has a picture on the top left of a tap. Press this so that the pump is turned on, you will hear the pump start to work immediately & the flow of water should be restored. It is important that there is water in the tank before the pump is turned on. If there is no water in the tank, the pump will continue to run & this will burn the pump out causing damage to the motorhome.

Check for air locks. If the above 2 steps have been followed correctly & you still have no running water, this could be due to an air lock in the system. You can identify this quickly by opening the taps in the kitchen, shower & bathroom sink. You will hear air coming from the taps, once the air lock has been removed you will then start to see the taps splutter water through and after a few minutes the water flow will be restored.



The image above shows the fridge working on automatic, the vehicle is stationary & has no electrical hook up, therefore is working off gas in the vehicle. The fridge freezer has 4 different sources that it can work off and they are as follows:

Automatic, Mains hook up, Leisure battery & Gas. The fridge should be set to the automatic setting, this will allow your fridge to do the work for you and always find the strongest source for it to work off. You can set the fridge to automatic by pressing & holding the grey button to the left until the symbols on the right start to flash (the symbol that the fridge is currently set to will flash at this point) then, using the arrows, move along until the A starts to flash then press the grey button again. This will them move you on to the fridges temperature which can be set from low to high in the levels of the bars on the right. Once you have selected the temperature required press the grey button again. This has now set the fridge to work automatically for you. You can identify if the fridge is operational by looking at the power button on the far left of the display. If the power button has a green light on it, the fridge is operational. If the power button has a red light on it and all the display is flashing, then the fridge has encountered a fault.

Trouble shooting faults on the fridge can usually be identified quickly & rectified. Once the fridge has been set to the automatic setting, if the vehicle engine is running, it will automatically select the battery for the fridge to work off, if you are stationary and hooked up on a campsite, it will automatically select the hook up. Should you be stationary and have no hook up available, the fridge will automatically select the gas setting. If the fridges power button is flashing a red light & the rest of the display is flashing & you are stationary with no hook up, it will probably be a gas supply issue. The first thing that will need to be checked is the gas bottle, it could be that the gas supply has been isolated whilst you have been driving, therefore check that the valve on top of the gas bottle is open along with the valve that is on the gas pipe leading into the vehicle. If the valves are all open, you will need to check that the gas bottle is full or at least has enough in for the fridge to operate. If the gas bottle is found to be empty, then you will need to replace the gas bottle. If the gas bottle is full or has enough in it to operate properly, you will need to re set your fridge. This can be done by holding the power button in for a few seconds until the display has turned off, leave the fridge turned off for around 60 seconds and allow it to re-set, then hold the power button in until the display comes back on. This should have rectified any fault you may have had with the fridge.



Please ensure that before using the toilet, you have used the lever on the side of the toilet to open the cartridge, this allows waste to go directly into the cartridge. Flushing the toilet is done by pressing the button on the panel below the bathroom window. If the flush is not working on the toilet, this will be because the pump has not been turned on. Once the toilet has been used, go ahead & close the cartridge again. This will prevent the bathroom from starting to smell.


It is important that you ensure that the toilet cartridge is emptied on a regular basis. You should probably look to empty the cartridge every few days dependent upon the usage of the toilet. To empty the cartridge out you will need to make sure that the lever on the side of the toilet has been closed before attempting to remove the cartridge from the vehicle. If the lever has not been close on the inside, the cartridge will not slide out of the cupboard that it is housed in & if you try to force it out of the housing, this can cause damage to the motorhome.

The cartridge can be removed from the outside of the vehicle, if you go to where the bathroom window is on the outside of the vehicle & look directly below the window you will see the cupboard that the cartridge is housed in. Open the cupboard & you will see the handle to the cartridge & a clip just below the cartridge. If you lift the clip up towards the handle you can then slide the cartridge out of the housing.

Most campsites have a specific area for you to empty your cartridge in. If you are unsure, you should ask at the campsite for the correct location. Directly above the handle on the cartridge you will see a spout that has a screw cap on, you can push the spout round to allow you to empty the cartridge easier, once you have done this you can unscrew the cap & allow the waste to flow out this way. It’s important that you ensure the cartridge has been fully emptied of all waste. You can do this by sliding the plastic plate on top of the cartridge once it is laying flat on the ground and using the toggle to the right to slide the disc open on top of the cartridge.

Once you have established if the cartridge is empty you can go ahead & put the toilet chemical into the cartridge & dilute with water. Be careful with the chemical, whilst it is not particularly damaging or harmful to your skin, it is usually a very dark blue colour & can sometimes stain your hands & clothes. Once you are totally happy that the cartridge is prepped & cleaned you can put the cartridge back in to the vehicle & the toilet can be used again. Please make sure that the cartridge has been totally emptied before returning your vehicle to the depot, as you will be aware from collection, there is a charge for not fully emptying your toilet.