Four of the best campsites

Here at Easicampers Wigan we have the ford zefiro 6 berth Motorhome to hire these have proved very popular with families and we also have the VW Campervan to hire, these have been popular with couples and small families.
Hundreds of campsites open up every year in the UK. All it takes is some spare land and a small investment. So we thought it best to sort through these camp sites and find you some little known tranquil gems to make the most out of the motorhome experience.

Hawkshead Hall
This camp site is based in a small valley with Mountains and cliff faces to one side and pine forests to the other. It accepts motorhomes all year round and has lots to offer locally such as quiet village life or the large array of lakes and valleys within walking distance.
It accepts Motorhomes for 18 pound a night which includes staying the night and an electric hook-up for the Motorhome itself.

Lickisto Black House
Based on the Isle of Skye, it doesn’t get much more stereotypically Scottish than this. The rocky highlands and rolling hills are backed by the North Sea and views of the surrounding islands and the water locked rocky outcrops. If you like tranquillity then this is the best place to go as it is only accessible by ferry. This campsite is truly the closest thing to the stereotypical rural Scotland you will ever find.

Sango Sands
This is one of the most northern campsites on the UK mainland and it accepts Motorhomes. This makes it one of the best places to go in the UK if you want to try and catch a glimpse of the northern lights. There are many reviews claiming how amazing this campsite is and how spectacular the night time and sun set views are.
The northern lights in the night, followed by the misty and foggy mornings of the Scottish highlands, topped with the majestic Kyle of Dourness estuary and rolling Scottish mountains. There is little that could beat this camp site when it comes to scenic and aesthetic appreciation.

Three Cliffs Cove
Overlooking Three Cliffs Cove on the south coast of England, this camp site is for people who truly love a sea view. The cove looks amazing in both the summers sun and even in the winter’s snow and ice with its majestic properties and feel.
The whole area is also covered with smaller hidden beaches within the numerous cliff faces. This makes it perfect for a tranquil holiday hunter who simply wants to relax on a warm beach this summer or take in the brisk air in the winter.
Please give us a call if you require any further information about the Motorhomes or Campervans on 01942 821080.