Glasto 2023

Every year at Easicampers Wigan we have customers that return for their annual trip to Glastonbury. Is it on your list of things to do? We can help you choose the best vehicle for your trip, whether it’s a step up from camping and hiring one of our fabulous VW Californias, with 2 double beds, small cooking area, box chiller and on board heater. Or if you wanted to go for one of our 6 berth motorhomes that have 2 double beds and bunk beds, heating & hot water with bathroom and shower. Any of our vehicles are suitable for the grounds at Glastonbury. There are even campsites in the area if you are not lucky enough to get the camping tickets, that offer free transport right to Glastonbury. We look forward to helping you plan your trip, good luck with the hunt for tickets, check out the link below for information on ticket sales and dates.