VW Campervan Hire Glastonbury Festival 2022, Campervan Hire from Easicampers

The Glastonbury Festival 22nd – 26th June 2022

VW Camper Hire at the Glastonbury Festival | Glasto Motorhome Hire

Do you want to be the comfiest person at the Glastonbury Festival? If the answer is yes you must rent one of our Campervans or Motorhomes!

Advantages of a VW Campervan? Stay dry at the festival!

Renowned for their rainy weather and sinking mud, English Festivals are never any different. For some people it is half the appeal. But for those who wish to have a cleaner, drier experience – or perhaps have a partner who does – then one of our VW Campers is for you.

All these VW Campers are in tip top condition, they’re leak-free so you can be sure of a cosy, dry stay during the festival.

Unrivaled comfort? Hiring a VW Camper for the Glastonbury Festival

Ask yourself: Can you remember being comfortable on a camping mat at the Glasto Festival? Did you ever feel part of the atmosphere from a hotel outside the grounds of a gig?

Our Campervan hire services enable you to benefit from on-site accommodation and of course unrivaled comfort for your time at the Glastonbury Festival. Aching backs and floor mats are a thing of the past for you!

Planning your travel to the festival in 2022

When planning your campervan hire Glastonbury, please do take into account how long it takes to get on and off site.

We stagger our collection times to ensure you don’t need to hang around waiting for a member of staff to be free. Campers will be ready as early as possible on the day of collection, but please be aware our entire fleet usually head to Glastonbury festival, so please be patience and try to get to us on time.

After the Glastonbury Festival has finished

The Glastonbury Festival attracts the largest population in Somerset. Once the festival has finished, Sunday night and Monday morning through to the afternoon is when you’ll see huge numbers of festival goers leaving the site. The festival exits and the small country lanes surrounding the Somerset area can get grid locked. Please ensure you return the campervan at the designated return time. Please give us a call if you’re running late due to traffic.