Grand California

The Grand California two-berth motorhome or 4 berth model from Volkswagen is a popular model designed for comfortable and convenient travel. Please note that features may have evolved in newer models, so it’s essential to check the latest specifications from Volkswagen or authorized dealers. Here are some typical features of the Grand California two and four berth motorhome:

  1. Spacious Interior: The Grand California offers a roomy interior layout optimized for comfort and functionality. It typically includes a living area with seating and a dining table.
  2. Sleeping Accommodations: The motorhome is designed to accommodate two people, providing a comfortable sleeping area with a double bed. If your renting the 4 – berth model the same bedroom layout as the 2 berth but with an additional bed above the cab that is ideal for 2 small children or one young child. (Maximum weight limit of this bed is 23 stone).
  3. Kitchenette: The motorhome comes equipped with a compact kitchenette that includes a sink, a two-burner stove, and a refrigerator. Some models may also have a microwave or oven.
  4. Bathroom Facilities: The Grand California usually includes a private bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower. Having an onboard bathroom adds to the convenience of your travels.
  5. Water and Waste Tanks: The motorhome features freshwater and wastewater tanks to supply the kitchen and bathroom facilities and store used water.
  6. Heating and Air Conditioning: To ensure comfort during different weather conditions, the motorhome typically includes heating and air conditioning systems.
  7. Electrical System: The vehicle has an electrical system with leisure batteries to power lights, appliances, and charging outlets.
  8. Storage: Ample storage space is provided throughout the motorhome, allowing you to bring along your belongings and travel essentials.
  9. Windows and Ventilation: The Grand California is designed with windows and roof vents to promote airflow and natural light inside the vehicle.
  10. Connectivity and Entertainment: Some models may offer multimedia and entertainment features, such as a radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB ports.
  11. Safety Features: Modern motorhomes often come equipped with safety features like airbags, anti-lock brakes, stability control, and other driver assistance systems.
  12. Awning: A retractable awning extends from the side of the motorhome to provide shade and shelter outside the vehicle.
  13. Solar Panels: Some models may include solar panels on the roof to help recharge the leisure batteries, providing greater energy efficiency.
  14. External Connections: The motorhome may have external connections for electricity, water, and waste disposal when parked at RV parks or campsites.

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