holidays with friends

Looking at going away with friends  this summer then why not hire one of our motorhomes or campervans from wigan Easicampers.

Holidays are fun with friends, but living in the close quarters of a motorhome means getting a long so here are our tips on planning the best group motorhome holiday.

Touring with a group can be difficult as every person will have a different opinion on different aspects of the trip and what one person may love another will hate. So it is important to know how to plan a motorhome or campervan get away in a group and for that reason, here are five ways to be able to make a group motorhome getaway success.

Get the Group Right

A group motorhome holiday needs everybody in the group to love the holiday and all get along and this means taking some time to be able to select the right people for the holiday to ensure that everybody has similar interests and wants. Taking adrenaline junkies, people who love to sit and relax and a city lover all on the same holiday is a recipe for disaster simply as everybody will want different things from the break and may not be willing to try new things. Ensuring you do this step properly should make the rest of the planning process significantly simpler.

Time and Money

Not everybody in the group is going to be able to get the same amount of time and money to put forward to the holiday. Differences in responsibilities at home and in the work place could significantly alter the ability to take a long motorhome holiday and limit some bodies time away. Whilst differences in outgoings, wages and savings could limit people’s budgets for the holidays and in turn prevent them from being able to do something or attend some of the more expensive attractions, or in some cases even limit their time away.

Plan the Route

Planning the route should be a big part of the process as well; you will need to make sure you plan to be able to fit the budgets and time frames that you discussed in the earlier step to be fair on everybody going. Whilst at the same time you will also have to find attractions on the route and around the destination to be able to plan and find things everybody in the group likes. This can be difficult due to the wide range of tastes that your group may be accommodating. However, there is nothing stopping your group splitting into smaller groups when you reach a destination to be able to do different things and make the most of the holiday before meeting up again in the evenings.

Book the Holiday

When you have decided the route and have all of the attractions and budgets, you should begin booking the attractions and campsites in advance to be able to avoid disappointment when you reach your locations. This should be done as early as possible as booking early can often give you some form of discount and in turn make the whole holiday that little bit more economically friendly.

Remember, you’ll also need to book your motorhome with Easicampers wigan and this means that you’ll need to ensure that you have enough room in the motorhome, it has a high enough berth and there’s enough storage to be able to keep all your food and belongings on the motorhome. If you book a viewing with the wigan depot, they will be more than happy to show you around the motorhomes and in turn, you will have a better idea on which motorhome or campervan is best for you. Please contact us on 01942 77 88 99.