Ironbridge Campervan visit

Ironbridge Gorge is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Shropshire, England just an hour’s drive from Easicampers Birmingham Airport depot . It is famous for being the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution and is home to a number of museums, including the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. If you are interested in visiting the Ironbridge Gorge and want to make a weekend out of it, hiring a campervan can be a great way to do so. In this guide, we will discuss some tips for planning a long weekend campervan trip to visit Ironbridge Gorge.

  1. Choose the Right Campervan

The first step in planning your campervan trip to Ironbridge Gorge is to choose the right campervan for your needs. There are a variety of different campervans available for hire, ranging from small and compact vans to larger models that can sleep multiple people. Consider the size of your party and how much space you will need when choosing a campervan. Also, make sure that the van has all of the necessary amenities, such as a kitchen, bathroom, and heating/cooling system.

  • Plan Your Route

Once you have chosen your campervan, it’s time to plan your route. There are a number of different campsites in the area, so you will need to decide which one is best for you. Some popular options include the Ironbridge Camping Park, which is located just a short walk from the Ironbridge Gorge Museums, and the Severn Gorge Park, which is situated on the banks of the River Severn.

In addition to finding a campsite, you will also need to plan your route to the Ironbridge Gorge. If you are coming from London, for example, you may want to take the M1 and M6 motorways to Telford, then follow the A442 to Ironbridge. If you are coming from the north, you may want to take the M6 to Stafford, then follow the A518 to Telford and the A442 to Ironbridge.

  • Pack Appropriately

When packing for your campervan trip to Ironbridge Gorge, it’s important to pack appropriately. Make sure that you have enough warm clothing and bedding, as the nights can be chilly. You should also bring a variety of cooking utensils and supplies, as well as any other camping gear you may need, such as a tent or portable grill.

  • Plan Your Activities

Ironbridge Gorge is home to a number of museums and attractions, so it’s important to plan your activities in advance. Some popular options include the Blists Hill Victorian Town, the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron, and the Jackfield Tile Museum. You may also want to take a walk along the Ironbridge Gorge, which offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside.

  • Enjoy Your Trip!

Finally, remember to enjoy your campervan trip to Ironbridge Gorge! This is a great opportunity to explore a unique part of England and to spend time with friends or family. Take plenty of photos, try the local cuisine, and make the most of your time in the area. With a little bit of planning and preparation, your long weekend campervan trip to Ironbridge Gorge is sure to be a memorable experience!

In conclusion, hiring a campervan to visit Ironbridge Gorge can be a great way to explore this unique part of England. To ensure that your trip is a success, make sure to choose the right campervan, plan your route, pack appropriately, plan your activities, and most importantly, enjoy your trip!

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