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Easicampers Rental Sales : Job Description

Easicampers are looking for a sales oriented travel consultant to increase sales and our fleet by attracting more inbound customers from around the world.

Inbound Enquiries.

1. Turn all inbound calls, e mails, chat lines into an experience that surpasses expectation. Design a UK experience of a lifetime for our inbound clients.
2. Maintain contact with clients before, during, and after the hire to ensure we have fulfilled their dream holiday.
3. Design system to deal with and monit above 2 points.

Deal with:-

1. All current brokers from around the world.
2. Capture new brokers worldwide.
3. Deal with all current worldwide travel agents.
4. Capture new travel agents.
5. Deal with all UK tourist boards.

Social Networking.

1. Be very familiar with all social networking and organise daily blogs to promote our branches throughout the uk.
2. Ensure we are number 1 for all our branches on PPC, Places, and Organic listings.
3. Supervise branches with their daily social networking.
4. Upload all blogs to our web site.
5. Produce weekly report of social networking carried out.
6. Monthly e mail to past and future customers.


1. Ensure all our camper and motorhome prices are competitive to attract customers.
2. Check prices daily.


Must have:-

1. 3-5 years experience in the travel industry.
2. A service orientated attitude and sales focus.
3. Attention to detail and computer literate.
4. A passion for continuous improvement.


TO APPLY CALL LISA 01942 821080