Le Mans Motorhome Tour

Le Mans 24 Hour Race (1 week motorhome tour)

The exciting Le Mans 24 hr race is held every year in Le Mans, France, in June. It is an extremely popular race, particularly with the British and the average attendance is 200,000+. The race starts at 16.00 on the Saturday and ends 16.00 on the Sunday. 3,000 miles in all condition, day and night, at speeds of 240+ along the Mulsanne straight. Some watch the race for the full 24 hours. It is important to get on the campsite which is in the middle of the track on the Wednesday otherwise you will not get on! We will provide free route maps and the contacts to buy your Le Mans at the best possible prices. We feel that it is better if you organise your own camp site at Le Houx Annexe and your own general or grandstand tickets as we do not want to be responsible if the ticket agent has a problem. The best thing is to book early to ensure the campsite and grandstand you prefer.

Collect Motorhome 16.00 hrs.

Board Dover-Calais ferry 10.30 a.m.
Arrive Calais
Stock up with duty free goodies and beer at French hypermarket.
Leisurely drive down to Le Mans.
Arrive on site in the Le Mans.
Accommodation is reserved for 5 nights at the Houx Annexe which is within the racing circuit.

Leisure day in Le Mans

Your chance to walk around the paddock and inspect the cars close up. You’ll have all day to explore the town and relax before the big day. Sports Night Party Friday night. Optional extra at £49.00

Racing starts at 16.00

Race finishes at 16.00

Liesurly drive back to Calais
Time to visit other towns and explore French countryside.
Stock up with enough duty paid goodies to pay for holiday.
16.30 ferry back to Dover

Return Motorhome at 10.00hrs to Wigan

PRICES (subject to change)


Choice of the following vehicles

Hymerswing one week – £625.00
Hobby 750 one week – £870.00
Hymer B Classic one week – £870.00
People carrier – £395.00
15 Seater Mini-bus (own insurance only on this vehicle) – £450.00


Le Houx Annexe for five nights. Price includes channel crossing for
Motorhome up to 6 metres and prices decrease depending on the number
of persons in the motorhome:-

Camping Le Houx Annexe

2 persons – £159.00
3 persons – £129.00
4 persons – £119.00


General enclosure – £35.00
Grandstand – £90.00

(Grandstand tickets are reserved and under cover and include admission to general enclosure).


6 persons in HymerSwing Motorhome £104.00 pp
Ferry tickets and Camping Houx Annexe £119.00 (5 nights) pp
General enclosure tickets £35.00

Total £258.00 pp


Hospitality £199.00 pp


Use of the marquee for the weekend
Free Beer, wine, and soft drinks all weekend
Free tea, coffee, and chilled water
Cash bar for Champagne, dinner wines, cocktails
Lounge area
Garden area next to track
Storage space for hand baggage
TV coverage
Private English toilets


There is a quality restaurant at the Hospitality facility and is
highly recommended but you must book beforehand.

Saturday Lunch – £29.00
Saturday Dinner – £39.00
Sunday Breakfast – £15.00
Sunday Lunch – £29.00

Excursion to Mulsanne, Arnage and Indianapolis corner – £20.00 pp

Party Friday night at the Sports Bar – £49.00 pp


Access to Le Club at Maison Blanche 20.00-00.00
Barbeque with salads and desserts
Free drink on arrival
Happy Hour from 20.00-21.00. Pay bar.
Can-can dancers
TV’s showing football, motor racing and other sports.
Horse racing for prizes.
Half price entrance to ladies.

* All the above prices are subject to change