Manchester Motorhome Hire

Here at Easicampers we have motorhomes available from our Wigan depot to collect and drive away with all you will need for a motorhome holiday, we have 2,4 and 6 berths available upon request. If you are arriving at our Manchester airport location Wigan is located about a half hour taxi ride or 40 minutes on the train into Wigan North Western station
Why visit Manchester?
Manchester is the 6th largest city and one of the 3 most visited destinations. The beautiful city of Manchester is famous for its architecture, music, culture and contributions to science a motorhome would be perfect to tour the city and all the attractions Manchester has to offer like the john Ryland’s library, m.o.s.i, Etihad stadium to list a few for you. Manchester also has a lively night life, which leads to the city featuring in ’24 hr party’.

Top Manchester campsites

Holly bank campsite
Ideal for those who wish to explore Manchester city and the other lovely surrounding places like Dunham Massey and Tatton Park.

Moorlands Caravan Park
This is a great campsite near all the fantastic tourist attractions in and around Manchester. This campsite is perfect for motorhomes as there are plenty of exciting activities all year round as saddle worth which is located just a short distance from Manchester city hosts several events all year round including beer festival brass band contest and a folk festival.

The village is also home to a huge selection of bars and restaurants.
If you would like to make a booking for a short winter getaway in Manchester why not give our friendly team a call on 01942 7788899 of make a booking online at if you have any queries you can get in touch on 01942778899 or on our Facebook site or twitter /