Most beautiful Photography locations to visit in a Campervan / motorhome.

Easicampers wigan are seeing more and more photographers coming to us year after year. Therefore, we thought it might be a great idea for us to share with you some of the most beautiful Photography locations we have come across in the UK. Take a look for yourself.

Isle of Skye
The Isle of Skye is one of the Inner Hebrides islands in the northwest of Scotland, the island its self is one of the more popular and well known out of the island chain and in turn attracts many visitors each year. However, all you have to do is travel away from the small settlements and hamlets to be able to find the Isle of Skye’s true nature, tranquillity. The island its self is a hybrid of rocky outcrops, lakes and valleys that make it perfect for action shot photography.

Tromso is one of the small islands that are located in the Isle of Scilly chain, just off the coast of Lands’ End and Cornwall. Tromso its self has a very small population and is completely car free, this meaning that there is little obstruction or manmade damage on the landscape and you can usually get an amazing shot whilst remaining undisturbed. Tromso is also home to various medieval structures and an array of derelict buildings from the 1100’s onward, which in turn means you can get a true British aesthetic on some of your landscape photos.

Lake District
The Lake District is a region of England, and only a short journey from some of our branches This makes it perfect if you want to be able to simply hire a motorhome and get stuck into some amazing shots. The Lake District its self is comprised of various expanses of woodland, marshland, lakes and mountains. This in turn meaning that you will be able to get a very varied range of environments to be able to take some fantastic shots when you travel around the district.

New Forest
New Forest is a forested national park in the south of England that boasts a gentle sloped forestland and offers some amazing views over the evergreen pines. This is an amazing location during the winter snow as the snow falling on the pine trees combined with the rocky ground means that many areas replicate the Canadian Rockies and in turn, you can get some very impressive shots indeed.

If you are considering heading to any of these locations this year then why not take one of Easicampers Wigan’s vw California campervans or ford zefiro motorhomes. If you wish to book please call 01942 77 88 99