Motorhome and Campervan hire Europe

With more and more people coming to Easicampers Wigan, Preston or Blackburn to book there motorhome or campervan for this this year’s holiday, they seem to want to be able to take a motorhome into the heart of Europe to some of the more well-known beauty spots on the continent. However, these well-known spots can often be a little over exaggerated or spoilt with the hustle and bustle of tourism; therefore Easicampers wigan have brought you a guide to some of the most remote and beautiful locations in Europe to be able to help you find peace and quiet within the heart of Europe.

Hallstatt, Austria
This is a tiny town in the heart of an Austrian valley, sat on the coast of Hallstatter, the picturesque town offers amazing historical importance, alpine culture and beautiful views of the mountains surrounding the lake; especially in the wintertime when the whole region befalls a blanket of snow. This small town was founded in 800 BC as a small salt mine and in turn still has a wide range of buildings and other attractions from its medieval past. These range from medieval salt works all the way to the medieval and Iron Age buildings, which dot the surrounding mountains and add to the overall aesthetic image that the location gives to the user. This city truly represents everything Europe stands for.
The mountain village is very easily accessible as there is an array of ski resorts in the surrounding valleys and in turn, it makes for an amazing motorhome holiday.

Dinant, Belgium
Dinant has been made famous for its beauty within Europe, the city is situated on the River Meuse and has been there for over 1000 years. The city is home to a huge cathedral and boasts some of the quietest and most beautiful views in Belgium. The gothic church of Notre Dame de Dinant calls the city its home along with the Citadel of Dinant and a small museum dedicated to music as the city was the birthplace to the invention of the saxophone.
Reaching this location is very simple due to its very good travel links along the N97 and its reasonably close proximity to the border of France; in turn it only takes 7 and a half hours to reach the valley.

The Mont Saint-Michel
This is a small island town based half a mile north of the French coast and is arguably one of the most amazing places in Europe. The town is walled off from the outside world in a citadel like manner and in turn has a very mystical and magical appeal to it, especially in the winter when the snow befalls the castle or in the height of summer when the grass banks around the castle come alive. The fortress island has held its strategic position for thousands of years and in turn has updated its castle and walls slightly through a range of eras. This means that there is a little something from just about every era since 200BC on the island, which in turn gives it a lot of culture. The best thing about this location is simply that although it has a prestigious nature, there is only 25 people living on the island and it is unheard of by tourists so it never really becomes overly busy.
The fortress is located on the north coast of France looking out towards Jersey; this makes it very accessible through the channel tunnel or via the channel ferry to Cherbourg-Octeville or St-Malo.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Lucerne is a picturesque city in the heart of Switzerland on the bank of the Lake Lucerne. The city has a very close proximity to the Swiss Alps and in turn carries an alpine culture combined with the Germanic Swiss culture giving you a huge range of culture from the heart of Europe. This middle ground gives the city some amazing attractions such as Chapel Bridge and the Germanic defensive structures, which are companioned by alpine buildings and picturesque coffee shops. This very abrupt difference in structural fashions seems to work together flawlessly to bring something beautiful to the beholder.
This city is less accessible than the other locations due to its seat in the heart of the surrounding mountains and one of Europe’s biggest lakes to its sides. The drive to this picturesque city will take you around 13 hours so it’s worth considering stopping somewhere along the way and turning it into a touring road trip as it’s well worth the journey.

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine
This is a huge attraction for young lovers and has the same sort of significance as the Paris Love Lock Bridge. The tunnel is a train track on the edge of Europe, which cuts through a forest and in turn gives the appearance of a magical whole cutting through the dense forestland. The tunnel is hard to reach due to its very rural nature and distance, however if it is something you have been wanting to visit before it could be well worth a visit in one of our motorhomes. The drive takes 26 hours overall so it’s worth taking the trip as a road trip and stopping at various European locations along the way if you’re considering the journey, luckily the route passes the earlier mentioned town of Dinant which could make an amazing stop off location in your road trip of Europe.

If you wish to book a motorhome or campervan to make a trip to Europe please contact the team at Easicampers Wigan on 01942 821080.