Motorhome campervan hire Europe

We have available for hire the VW California and the ford Zefiro motorhome over at Easicampers wigan so why not take the opportunity to visit some of these fantastic destinations.

Ireland in a motorhome/campervan
Ireland has long been a country people visit to be able to enjoy the rigid landscape and the thriving historical importance. Having been at war in the past with the Normans, Britain, Vikings and a range of other enemies from across the continent, the old Irish tribes and the Irish republic have a wide array of history and culture on offer.

Many religious and historically important attractions in the country boast both intellectual and aesthetic benefits. Holy Cross Abbey is one of the most significant religious sites outside of the capital and brings in thousands of visitors year up on year. Having been built in 1168 and surviving a total of 850 years so far, it is certainly a vocal point to Christianity in the country that is here to stay and is well worth a visit for anybody who has an interest in history or the religious significance of Ireland.
Then there are the militarily based historical attractions, the castles. The Rock of Cashel and Bunratty Castle are both very impressive castles and boast a very impressive view with a wide array of history on offer to the intrepid visitor. With bunratty looking over the port of limerick and being a dominant figure for the English Crown through the 14th century. Then there’s the rock of Cashel which was used as the capital of the Kingdom Of Munster, which was a Gaelic tribe in the south of Ireland and seen a lot of battles and warfare in their time.

France is very popular when it comes to the British motorhome tourism, its endless vineyards, rolling hills and beautiful scenery makes it one of the most beautiful places in the world. This combined with the close proximity of the country and the fact it is a lot cheaper than most of places, makes it the perfect motorhome holiday location.

France has a wide array of attractions, which range from cultural, geographic and historical.
The Eiffel Tower is one of the most culturally significant monuments in the world and takes its position in the centre of Paris, France’s capital city. Since its completion in 1889, it has still maintained its position as one of the most dominant buildings in Paris and is still to this day the tallest buildings in Europe standing as a mighty 1,063ft tall.
Then there is the opportunity of heading to the Alps and enjoying the landscape and aesthetics of Val d’Isere. With lots to do in the way of piste bars, skiing and snow sports through the winter and a range of mountain biking, horse riding and paragliding in the summer. There is a little something for everyone all year round.

Italy in a motorhome is one of the most popular locations for motorhome holiday makers in Europe, with Italy’s wide range of attractions, low costs and beautiful scenery it makes an amazing location for just about anybody. The country even boasts diversity in weather, with the more northern regions boasting mountains and snow-capped glaciers and the more southern regions boasting coastal attractions and hot weather as you head more south into the Mediterranean.

Italy was once the home of the Roman Empire and for this reason holds many amazing structures and monuments throughout the country that dominate the landscape and would have installed a sense of fear and order into the population. These include buildings such as the Piazza Della Signoria and the coliseum, both of which are infamous for their huge size and vicious pasts. Rome is also home to the Vatican City, the capital of Christianity and home of the pope. The Papal States are within the city of Rome and attract thousands upon thousands of visitors to their walls each year to be able to try to get a glance of religiously significant figures or to be able to see the infamous Swiss Guard.

Austria has long been a place of skiing and alpine life and in the past, motorhomes simply have not had the facilities to be able to cope with this cold weather. However, now skiing in a motorhome seems to be a much more viable option, Priory Rentals have a wide array of motorhomes on offer and all of these have more than enough instillation and strong enough heaters to easily tackle this cold Austrian weather and make your whole experience more enjoyable.

With the many sports that take place in the country of Austria, skiing seems to be at the forefront, with a huge alpine lifestyle and over 100 ski resorts dotted around the Austrian Mountains and glaciers. It is safe to say that if you like skiing, this could be your perfect paradise.
Salzburg in Austria is a capital of culture and was the birthplace of Mozart himself followed by a castle and a wide array of museums and old renaissance era buildings. This in turn means that if the history of Europe and the cultural backbone of modern day life interest you then you will be able to see one of the main contributing factors into the renaissance period.

sweden is located in the Nordic region of Europe and offers a wide range of colder activities; these include things such as sledging and in some of the more mountainous regions, skiing. The country its self was home to the Viking Dynasty and has a lot of history and museums within the country from various wars that it has either fought in or supported.

The attractions in Sweden are usually fairly based on their traditions; this includes things like sledging and hiking in the snow, which in turn brings you to be able to experience the Nordic life style at its full and see what made such a beautiful country the way it is today.
There is also a wide range of historical attractions such as the 17th century warship that sunk just off the coast and has been saved, the ship its self-capsized and landed unshaved. This means that when it was recently salvaged and brought back to the service to be placed in the Vasa Museum. This means that you can go and visit the original 17th century warship that was once one of the most powerful warships in the world. The cities in Sweden also boast a high level of art and culture with many people flocking to these cities to be able to experience the life here. The city includes many culturally significant buildings with Stockholm palace, the world’s biggest convertible stadium and a range of other attractions.

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