Tips to get you confidently driving a motorhome

Whilst it may seem a rather daunting vehicle to drive, driving a motorhome is easier than expected. Just relax, slow down and enjoy your journey.

Don’t drive to fast and give yourself plenty of extra space, things like accelerating and braking will take longer to achieve. The best way to prevent accidents is to increase the distance between you and the vehicle in front and to reduce your speed accordingly if there are strong winds, poor visibility or you are going downhill.

Watch the height and width. The average motorhome is wider and higher than you may be used to. Be aware of this when approaching low bridges or narrow roads. Why not keep a note of the measurements on your dash board as a reminder? If you’re not sure if you’ll fit, don’t attempt it, take another route.

Driving a motorhome requires a little more time to manoeuvre than what you may be used to. Take into account the size of the motorhome, corners need to be taken widely, keeping an eye on the middle and back. Otherwise, you risk catching the kerb or a sign post.

It might be strange not seeing as much out of the back windows as you are used to. Make sure your wing mirrors are set at the right angle for you. You will need to use them a lot, especially when overtaking and manoeuvring the vehicle.

Lastly, remember when re-fuelling that the motorhome uses Diesel.