Motorhome showround

When you collect a motorhome from Easicampers in Wolverhampton the dedicated and fully trained staff will show you the operation aspects of the motorhome when you collect the vehicle.

When you arrive at Easicampers to collect your motorhome, a representative from the company will conduct a walk-through of the vehicle with you. This walk-through is an important step in the process of renting a motorhome, as it will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the operation and features of the motorhome, as well as to ask any questions you may have.

Easicampers representative’s will show you how to operate the different systems and appliances in the motorhome, such as the heating and cooling, the water and waste systems, the electrical and lighting systems, and any other features that may be specific to your rental. They will also provide you with a detailed explanation of the motorhome’s layout and sleeping arrangements, as well as any safety features and emergency procedures.

During the walk-through, you will also have the opportunity to inspect the motorhome and ensure that it is in good condition and that all equipment is working properly. If you notice any damages or issues, you should bring them to the attention of the representative so that they can be addressed before you take possession of the motorhome.

The representative in Wolverhampton will also provide you with an overview of the motorhome’s fuel and oil levels, as well as the levels of the other fluids, such as water, and also the tyre pressure, so you will be able to check them regularly during your trip.

Additionally, the representative will provide you with information about the motorhome’s insurance coverage and any other policies or procedures that you need to be aware of during your rental period. They will also provide you with a detailed map and information about the best routes and places to visit, as well as recommendations for places to eat and stay overnight.

For more information on our motorhome hire from Easicampers Wolverhampton contact our dedicated team on 01902 491449 and visit