Motorhome/campervan hire

With the younger ones coming home from school, college or even university, we see is only fair to give some ideas for a little family holiday or weekend away with a motorhome. All of these attractions can be reached by a motorhome and are perfect for bringing the family closer together. So give us a call and book a motorhome or campervan with Easicampers Wigan and take a family trip here are a few places you might like to visit.

Ages 0-7
When the children are of this age there is plenty of opportunity to keep them happy with the beach and parks.

Pembrokeshire Coast Beach
Simplistic holidays that have nothing to active or tiring. Here are two ideas for this age range.

Pembrokeshire has some of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in the UK, allowing your family to have more space and time of tranquil fun. There is a wide range of old medieval buildings, sand stone walls and rigid cliff line surrounding these small hidden beaches. Making it even more picturesque in aesthetics for your family experience.
Based on the south west coast of Wales a motorhome holiday is the perfect choice as there are a number of attractions dotted around the country on both the way there and the way back making for a spectacular welsh road trip.

Castle Crawling In Scotland
Scotland is renowned for its amazing castles and long line of heritage. So it stands to reason that we needed to add castle crawling to our list as seeing as much of these Scottish castles as possible cannot be a bad thing.
We recommend visiting at least these three castles, simply because of their amazing looks and authentic feel.

Eilean Donan –
This castle has lots of history and heritage and is one of the only authentic 7th century castles in the UK. Parts of the castle have been damaged and rebuilt over time but all of the foundations and the base for the castle are still very much 7th century. However, there is a lot of land to be able to call it a night with your motorhome as in Scotland its perfectly legal to be able to camp literally anywhere you want within the standard road laws.

Stirling Castle –
Stirling Castle based in the small town of Stirling is one of the biggest and boldest castles dominating the Scottish skyline. This is as it’s bordered by cliff face on three sides with a steep wall and tower system on the others. The castle its self has fought off eight different sieges and is thought to have secret tunnels under the castle that lead out into the countryside up to around 3 miles from its walls. Although to date no such tunnels have been found and only appear in myth and legend.

Dunnottar Castle –
Based in-between Aberdeen and Dundee on a small jetted out headland. This castle lies in ruin and despair. The castles rigid decaying appearance gives a strong appeal to a large amount of tourists from across the British Isles.
This is another castle that is bordered on three sides by cliffs but is only accessible by a thin strip of land which would have led to a large gate. This made the castle virtually impenetrable as if a siege did happen the food could have been shipped in over the sea by night and lifted up to the castle by a medieval primitive crane.

Ages 7-13
This is the perfect age to be able to try and inspire the little ones or get them outdoors exercising. Here is a holiday idea for both so you can make the most of summer with them.

Explore the Jurassic Coast
Taking the children here will help them in history and Geography as this coast has long been one that is used for case studies and other things in the first and second years of high school. The south coast has got its name Jurassic coast through the various fossils, plants and animals that call the cliff face its home. The rock here has the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals to be able to preserve to fossils leaving for some amazing displays and finds along the coast line. There are multiple places along the coast that offer motorhome amenities like water points and electricity hook-ups overnight. Perfect for taking an Easicampers motorhome and waking up in the morning looking out over the rolling hills to one side, then the British channel to the other.

Bike Ride the Trail
The track its self is on the derelict location of the Old Birmingham Corporation line that ran across Birmingham and Wales. This allows there to be very few sharp turns and makes for a very tranquil and peaceful ride with the family and more so the young ones. It’s out of harm’s way and far away from busy roads that seem to find their way into every other bike ride track these days.
The track its self has some off road routes to make it longer or shorter if you feel confident with your bike skill. This means that every family no matter what skill level can challenge themselves or simply take it slow on the 18km track. There is also a motorhome park called woodlands caravan and camping park which offers very reasonable prices on accommodation for motorhomes and can give you lots of information on the track and surrounding areas.

Ages 13-18
The age of the moody teenager is always one that makes it hard to engage the children in family life. Here are yet another two holiday ideas to try and get them off their phones and into conversation.

Explore Lake Bala
Bala Lake offers lots of activities and makes it well worthwhile for a few days stop off, if you are thinking of travelling in a motorhome across Wales or simply staying at Bala for a few nights.There are a multitude of activities for the family on the lake ranging from walking trails, to mountain bike routes and even water sports. This physically challenging holiday is something that the family will be able to remember forever

Canoeing In Loch Maree
Loch Maree is well tucked away in the northern most areas of Scotland. Around 8 hour’s drive from wigan and 2 hour’s drive from the nearest large town or city. The Loch its self sees little tourism and is very peaceful indeed. There are a few small islands that are based in the middle of the loch and are known for being one of the most untouched places in the world. This is because they are inaccessible by large boats due to the land locked nature of the loch (it has water falls on both sides). So a small boat is needed to be brought by land to be able to reach the islands which few people have done.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at Easicampers wigan if you require any further information.