Edinburgh Festival Camping

Are you looking for a designated campsite where you can relax and see performers? Then there is no need to look any further.
Everyone knows trying to find a hotel in Edinburgh is extremely difficult, with prices of rooms, taxi’s to and from destinations costs can soon escalate. It is a city that has so much on offer, with beautiful sights, eccentric city nightlife like no other in the U.K. and has some of the most popular festivals and music events almost every weekend throughout the year!

Edinburgh festival camping is the place for you. Edinburgh festival camping isn’t just for tent camping there are many different pitch types that they offer such as motorhomes, campervans, caravans, bell tents and pre-pitched tents. Edinburgh festival camping has lots of great things to offer.
whilst you’re relaxing and making the most of your holiday you can also make use of the amazing facilities, they have to offer to make your stay that extra bit special. The amenities on this site are; Bar, all-day café, a free camp kitchen, shower, toilets and FREE Wi-Fi! With a shop in the campsite and a local supermarket within 10 minutes away this camp has everything you need.

If you end up needing help from staff don’t worry there is staff on the park 24 hour’s to help you with what you need and also there is security to help and support needed on the campsite. Edinburgh is the place known for its amazing land marks and festivals, The Edinburgh festival campsite is located next to the Edinburgh airport, within minutes of the M8 and M9 and in easy reach of the city centre, so whilst you’re staying at the fantastic campsite you can head down to the city centre and do some site seeing and some shopping. In Edinburgh you can visit one of the most definitive land marks in the United Kingdom Edinburgh Castle.

In a motorhome/campervan you’re able to drive where you need to go and you’re able to sleep where you choose! But you can also always book onto Camping Park’s.
If you would like to book a Campervan/motorhome you can book online at www.easicampers.com or Call our Freephone number on 0800 688 9869.

We deliver around the UK or you can pick one up at one of our branches in Blackburn, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Preston & Wigan. Also check out our website www.easicampers.com for pictures of our vehicles, all our latest offers, campervan/motorhome news and blogs, and Ex-rentals for sale!