A Visit to Edinburgh Zoo

With the Easter holidays approaching fast, why not hire one of VW Campervans in Edinburgh for an out of this world road trip. Edinburgh has plenty of things for everyone in the family to enjoy, especially children. Everyone knows that trying to keep children satisfied and entertained isn’t always easy. Children like to be able to move around and explore their surroundings.

Children love animals that’s why Edinburgh is the place to go if your children have a passion for animals. Here at Edinburgh zoo it is the first zoo in the world to have and to breed penguins, It is also the only zoo in Britain to have koalas and giant pandas. Edinburgh zoo is the second most popular tourist attraction, after Edinburgh castle. The zoo receives over 600,000 visitors a year, Edinburgh zoo has more than 1000 animals and more that 150 species. The major exhibits that are in the zoo are Giant pandas, penguins, koalas, chimpanzees and sun bears. In 2011 Edinburgh Zoo leased two giant pandas a male and a female. The zoo is famous for its penguins the first three penguins that came to the zoo was king penguins, Edinburgh zoo is the only zoo that is home to the UK’s only Queensland koalas.

Edinburgh zoo is one of the best days out, their world class attractions and extensive animal collection provides you with many fantastic memories for you and your family. The zoo also gives your children the chance to learn about the different types of animals and the animals habitats.

At Edinburgh zoo it isn’t just about seeing the animals, it’s also about learning about their back grounds and reading interesting facts about different types of the animals. There are many activities, events and opportunities to experience when having a day out at Edinburgh zoo. The Budongo Trail is a fantastic place to view the Chimpanzees and learn more about how they interact. Visitors can also explore the viewing galleries, plasma screens, interactive displays, murals and live plants. You can see some animals through a glass screen and If you’re lucky the animals will come close up, this gets visitors very happy and excited being able to see the animals so close up.

There are eating areas throughout the Zoo if you feel peckish, there are different places to choose from and all the eating areas have creative names. Jungle Food Court, Grasslands Restaurant and Penguins Café, Edinburgh zoo is very spacious so you’re even able to bring a packed lunch and make use of the large area.

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