Camera Obscura and World of Illusions Edinburgh

Whether you planning for the Easter break or a nice weekend away and your struggling to find something to do that caters for all the family, then why not visit Edinburgh. It truly is a fantastic city, age doesn’t matter old or young it has something for everyone to enjoy, so if you’re struggling on where to go on your next adventurous break then make sure you go to Edinburgh! If you already have Edinburgh on your mind but you’re trying to think of something amazing to do that all the family can enjoy, then camera Obscura & a world full of illusions is definitely the place to go. It offers visitors a combination of optical illusions and breath-taking views.

Camera Obscura & a world full of illusions is the oldest visitor attraction in Edinburgh, which has been bringing in a large amount of visitors since 1853. It’s also Britain’s most fun attraction that has lots of things for the whole family to enjoy, including An Aladdin’s cave filled with illusions, tricks, puzzles, amazing experiences to remember, fantastic effects and also give you astonishing rooftop views of the city. Camera Obscura sits just a stone’s throw away from Edinburgh Castle.

A show in the original Camera Obscura takes visitors inside a mysterious rooftop chamber, where moving images of the city appear. There are six floors of mind blowing, challenging, hilarious and fascinating illusions that are waiting to be discovered! It’s a fantastic way to see the stunning city of Edinburgh and learn about its history whilst also enjoying the amazing things it has to offer. The Rooftop views are placed above the city and give you 360° gorgeous views by using their great telescopes. Camera Obscura & a world full of illusions is dog friendly, they allow you to bring your dog and also provide water bowls to maintain your pups well being and comfort.

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