Day trip to Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

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Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park

Blair Drummond safari and Adventure Park is one of the largest family attractions in Edinburgh with over 350 rare and exotic animals. The park opened to the public on the 15th of May 1970 and ever since has been a popular place that brings in visitors from all over the world, after all it is one of Scotland busiest attractions. There are four wildlife areas which are full of exotic animals, this gives you the chance to admire the different types of animals. You can also take a drive through the Barbary macaque drive-through, when driving through here you will see a wide section of different animals from monkeys, rhinos, zebras, lions, camels and antelope as well as lots more! Driving through the Barbary macaque gives you the chance to see the different types of animals close up and also allow them to come over to your car and even climb over your car. When the different animals climb on the cars children seem to find it very funny as well as the adults, at the park it isn’t just for children it’s for all of the family.

There’s so many amazing things to do at the park one of them being that you’re able to take a boat trip around Chimp Island. Chimp Island is an island which a troop of chimpanzees scale climbing frames and run riot, it also gives the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the chimpanzees and learn interesting facts about them that you might not have known. At the park you can also take a look at the phenomenal sea lion show. It’s a show that lets the talented sea lions show their audience there different talents they have to offer, it’s a great experience that you don’t want to miss! The park gives you the privilege of being able to meet new animals.

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