Drive across the Forth Bridge in a Motorhome

Are you thinking of going somewhere to take amazing pictures of the fascinating view that you’ll see, then you must take a visit to the forth bridge. The forth bridge is an iconic symbol of Scotland’s, it was built between 1882 and 1890. The bridge is the worlds second largest cantilever bridge and is a length of 8.094 feet.

The bridge is one of Scotland’s major landmarks, It was designed by two English engineers Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker. Many people enjoy visiting this famous landmark of Edinburgh as they believe that they get to see some of the most gorgeous views. The Forth Bridge has been a Scottish icon for over 125 years, bringing passengers to and from Edinburgh through the North and South Queensferry.

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The bridge is part of three sections Forth bridge, Forth road bridge and Queensferry crossing. The Forth Road bridge opened in 1964 and offers incredible views over the rail bridge and the Firth of Forth. The forth road bridge is one of the worlds most significant long span suspension bridges ever built, its main span is 1006 metres between two towers and is the fourth longest in the world.

The structure of the road bridge is over 2.5 km long, has 39,000 tonnes of steel and is also built with 125,000 cubic metres of concrete. The Queensferry Crossing is a road bridge that was built beside the forth road bridge it carries the M90 motorway across the Firth of Forth between Edinburgh, it opened on the 30th of August 2017. It is a large three tower bridge with a length of 2.7 kilometres.

Would you like to hear some interesting facts? The Queensferry crossing took 15 days to build the south tower, it involved pouring concrete on to make the perfect shape and is the worlds longest underwater pour. When you reach the top of each tower you will be 207 metres above high tide, which gives you some of the most astonishing views over the gorgeous city. It is believed that the painting on the bridge should last until 2032.

Did you know that during World War 2 a German air attack took place over the Forth Bridge? The bridge wasn’t a target and luckily the bridge didn’t get damaged.

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