Edinburgh Dungeons visit

Would you like to take a trip back to the darkest moments in Scotland’s history? Then Edinburgh dungeons is the place to go. The Edinburgh Dungeon has a variety of amazing cast member’s professional actors, special effects, theatrical sets, live shows and rides which will leave you feeling thrilled in an exciting walk-through experience. It is believed that within the walls of Edinburgh Dungeon lie the ghosts of the past, nightmare and the historical terror that took over Scotland many years ago.

You will enter a selection of different rooms, as you enter each room they begin to get more and more interesting. The first room you will enter at the dungeons is a 17th century courtroom, feel prepared to be judged for some awful crimes to which the judge will decide if you’re guilty or not guilty. The judges dress up in costumes that are inspired by real clothing worn by Judges from the 17th century. The actors are insane they’re fantastic at what they do and make you feel interrogated, that’s part of the game.

The second room you’ll enter will be the witches judgement, during the second room you’ll meet Edinburgh’s baddest witch ‘Agnes Finnie’. Agnes Finnie is a shopkeeper and moneylender who was executed for witchcraft, she had a reputation for cursing people in her neighborhood. She was charged with causing harm to several of her neighbours, in June 1644 Agnes was arrested on 20 counts of witchcraft and sorcery she was Edinburgh’s most prolific witch. The second room is an interrogation chamber, an actor playing Agnes will come face to face with you.

Room three of the dungeons is a torture chamber, you will be tortured by replicas of authentic tools used in the city and across Europe in medieval times. The actors do their job as if it’s serious, they stay in character and try get you to stay in character to play along. There’s plenty more rooms to enter if you’re feeling brave enough, the dungeons are a perfect way to test yourself when in a frightening situation. It also gives you the chance to be able to learn lots of interesting things that you might not have known.

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