Edinburgh Historic Market Place Grassmarket

If you’re looking for a quiet trip away during the Easter half term then Edinburgh is the place for you. Edinburgh is known for many things and one of them being its lovely strolls, taking a stroll through Edinburgh is so peaceful you get to see the different sights of Edinburgh that you might not known even existed. Everyone needs a quiet break now and again to escape reality and have some time to yourself leaving everything behind. A good way to do this is in a Campervan hire from Easicampers Edinburgh.

A lovely quiet location in Edinburgh is the Grassmarket which is a historic market place and is just off the Royal Mile, the grass market is an area designated to chill and explore. It’s a home of cafes, restaurants, bars and even vintage shops. One of the most popular vintage shops in grass market is a shop called Armstrongs, the shop was established in 1840 and has ever since been the heart of Edinburgh. The area which grass market is located in is one of the most vibrant and delightful areas of Edinburgh. Grass market is the best place to shop in Edinburgh, so whilst you’re having a quiet break you can also treat yourself/someone else to some nice new gifts. As well as having a quiet trip away you also want to be able to take time to look around and notice the well preserved cobbled streets and the medieval architecture.

There are hotels which are located near Grassmarket, however trying to find a hotel in Edinburgh is extremely difficult, with prices of rooms and with Edinburgh being a busy city that has so much to offer finding the right hotel becomes that extra bit difficult. So that’s where we come to save the day, here at Easirent we have a huge amount of campervans/motorhomes to offer, Easicampers gives you an easy life! At Edinburgh there are many great camping sites. Camping isn’t about staying in a cold tent, it’s also about staying in a luxurious Motorhome that caters for all your needs. Staying at a campsite also means whilst relaxing and making the most of your quiet holiday you can also make use of their fantastic facilities.

Edinburgh club site is an ideal location if you’re looking for a quiet holiday get away, as-well as the campsite being in reach of Edinburgh’s famous land marks it’s also arms length away from the waterfront. The waterfront is where campers take nice romantic walks along the promenade of Cramond. Whilst staying at Edinburgh club site you also get the luxury to make use of their wide selection of facilities they have. The facilities on site are BBQs allowed, family washroom, laundry facilities, FREE WIFI, toilet block, gas, electric hook up, tv reception, dishwashing area, disabled facilities and disabled shower room. At the club site they also have golf, a play area and a play ground, this is perfect if you’re taking children.

In a motorhome/campervan you’re able to drive where you need to go and you’re able to sleep where you choose! But you can always book onto Camping Park’s.

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