Festivals in Edinburgh in the comfort of a Motorhome

Are you one for enjoying yourself and living the festival life? Then Edinburgh is the place for you.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and also the capital of festivals, Edinburgh has some of the largest festivals happening every month of the year. Festivals in Edinburgh are very well known and people from different countries come to Edinburgh just to see the memorable festivals. Two of Edinburgh’s most famous festivals are ‘Edinburgh festival fringe’ and ‘Edinburgh international festival’, both festivals have been happening since 1947.

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In a Motorhome your life becomes so much easier. A Motorhome is your travel and accommodation it makes you feel at home. Whilst enjoying your festival you’re also enjoying life living in luxury.
In Edinburgh it’s very difficult to find a hotel that has the availability you’re looking for and is in the right location near to everything that you’re planning on doing.

Edinburgh International Festival

Edinburgh International Festival is an annual festival that sees different types of acts perform in Edinburgh and welcomes 2750 artists from 31 nations, The festival takes place over a 3 week period during August. The International Festival is made up of a variety of acts and it brings top class performers of music, theatre, opera and dance from all around the world, The festival also hosts a series of visual art exhibitions, talks and workshops. Edinburgh international festival is a fantastic way to meet new people and bring people from different nations together around interests that suit all of you, The festival also gives you the chance to take a look at different types of amazing acts that you might not have seen before.

Edinburgh festival fringe

Edinburgh festival fringe is the world’s largest arts festival, Every year thousands of performers take to hundreds of stages. Last year in 2018 there was 53,000 performances and almost 3400 shows and two million performers and visitors from all around the world. The Edinburgh fringe festival isn’t just about art, it’s famous for its comedy, theatre, dance, musicals, opera, cabaret, children’s shows, spoken word, circus acts, street performers and exhibitions too.

The Edinburgh fringe festival isn’t in just one venue it is set over 300 venues across Edinburgh. The different events take place everywhere from theatres and concert halls to pubs, whilst being at the fringe festival you can also go around different arts and craft market stalls and try some street food from the food trucks that are located everywhere. There are also festival beer gardens for you to take some time out and relax.

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