Take a trip to the Floral Clock Edinburgh

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Edinburgh to go on nice peaceful walks then you should definitely take a walk to the uptown in Edinburgh, you’ll be welcomed by a variety of lovely features. When walking to the uptown of Edinburgh you’ll pass a beautiful floral clock in princess street garden. It’s an amazing clock which is the oldest and one of the most gorgeous flower clocks in the world, the clock was made in 1903 but carried on having adjustments made to it a year later.

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When the floral clock was first made there was only an hour hand and a year later they added a minute hand. It’s one of the main symbols of Edinburgh city and has been for more than a hundred years. It isn’t only just a floral display in the shape of a clock, it tells the correct time. This was the first one of this kind in the world. It isn’t just an ordinary clock it has many meanings like the clock hands, numbers and the display have a meaning of growing and photosynthesising life.

It’s a magnificent detailed piece of work which includes ten thousands of small colourful plants, the floral clock is placed half way down the stairs into the princess street gardens across from the galleries at the bottom of the mound. You’re able to see the breath taking floral clock over a stone wall this gives you a perfect view and let’s you see all of it from a great view.

When visiting the floral clock you can also take a stroll through the park and see the famous Scott’s monument, the monument is a Victorian gothic monument built to commemorate a Scottish author named ‘sir Walter Scott’. It’s a beautiful monument which when you go there lets you learn interesting facts about Edinburgh’s past.

Many people love to visit princess park to see the floral clock as it’s a memory to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Armistice, which was a leading to the end of the First World War. It’s a beautiful place to visit to not only take pictures, but also a place to go to reflect on the sacrifices that so many people made. The Floral Clock is placed close to many other monuments in Princes Street Gardens to show those that have served. It’s a unique and powerful view of remembrance. The floral clock is a blossoming timepiece, it’s super famous to not only Edinburgh but to many other city’s.

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