Looking for Nessie Roadtrip

Is it a Myth? Is it the truth? Why don’t you hire one of our campers and take a trip around Loch Ness and find out for yourself whilst in one of our VW Campervan’s which are available from our Easicampers Edinburgh branch located just 5 minutes shuttle bus journey form the terminal building. Once you’ve been handed the keys to your campervan head north over the magnificent Forth Road Bridge and head up the A9 past the wonderful city of Perth towards the Cairngorms National Park.

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Loch Ness Roadtrip

Now it’s up to you if you start at the North end of the Loch near the busy city of Inverness or the southern end near the settlement of Fort Augustus which is home to just over 600 people. We suggest you start In Fort Augustus where the famous Caledonian Canal, River Oich and the River Tarff meet Loch Ness. We don’t think you’ll see Nessie here but it’s a quaint place to start your expedition for this creature (imaginary or real it’s something to tell the Grandkids about). Why not spend a few hours on a cruise vessel or take a power boat ride visit www.cruiselochness.com for more info on the different water based activities you could get up to on your camper trip.

After a night here it’s time to set off north east up the A82 which is the main road between Fort William and Inverness. On this road there are a few spaces to stop and have lunch at the side of your campervan make sure you have packed your binoculars to look out for Nessie or just to watch the wildlife in this serene part of the world.



Your campervan from Edinburgh is fully equipped with cutlery and crockery and a wind out awning which is easily put up in 5 minutes. There are quite a few campsites along this stretch but whereas in England you need an official campsite to stay on, in Scotland it’s a bit different where you are allowed to “wildcamp” just remember to keep your camper area tidy as you don’t want to spoil the views, or have a fine to pay.



Half way up the A82 is the Loch Ness Centre showing pictures and memorabilia from tales from people that have tried to see Nessie. It was back in 1933 that the first sighting of the “Monster” was first brought to the world’s attention but according to legend it was way back in 565(AD) when Irish monks claimed they were attacked by a water beast., take a look at their website for more info www.lochness.com

After a day learning about the creature it’s time to head to Inverness on the most northern point of the loch, this is where Loch Ness meats the Moray Firth.
After a few days enjoying the aquatic side of Loch Ness it’s time to slow it down a bit and take a stroll round Inverness and visit the many historical sights here which includes Inverness Castle or Inverness Cathedral both which are made of red sandstone.

After your trip round Loch Ness drive back south in your campervan to Edinburgh Airport via the A9 through Aviemore and Pitlochry.


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