Mountain Biking and Family Cycling Motorhome Holiday

Easicampers Glasgow encourages you to experience a Mountain Biking or Family Cycling Motorhome Holiday. We’ve gathered some amazing cycling routes for your holiday.

Lochleven Castle, Loch Leven, Kinross
On the Banks of Loch Leven you will find a wide variety of wildlife such as Otters, Osprey and Kingfishers. You will see some amazing views out to Lochleven Castle. The Castle is situated on its own island which is quite unique. The Castle area also offers a stop for lunch.

Forest Of Ae
The Forest offers a total of five routes, from a 9km ride through to a 24km ride. The routes vary in difficulty. The 24km route is called the Ae Line Trail – are you ready for that challenge? The shorter option of 9km is the Ae Valley Route.

Learnie Red Rocks
Are you a speed freak? If the answer is yes then you’ll love this. Located in the Black Isle, Learnie Red Rocks is one of the trickiest routes you’ll encounter. The Hill Trail is just under 4km and is rated black thanks to a rock feature that goes downhill.

This route is a 1 hour drive south of Edinburgh, and is located near Peebles. Here you will experience natural beauty at its very best in Tweed Valley. You’ll find 75m worth of routes offered along with dedicated facilities. Blue and Green routes are suitable for beginners and the more challenging routes are marked in red – you’ve been warned!

You will find just two trails here in Balblair. Balblair is one of the most Northerly sites in Scotland and we are confident some real biking memories will be made here. One of the trails is a 7.2km black route, the route is jam packed with downhill segments and rocks.

Carron Valley
Carron Valley is easily accessible from the big cities. A rural spot that is located within the central belt, you’ll find 4 excellent routes here. The routes have been designed to let you practice your biking skills. Each route acts as a warm up to the next challenge… we just hope you have the stamina!

Loch Ness
Loch Ness needs no introduction. This route offers an unparalleled view of the world famous Loch Ness. A 19km route, you will be able to cruise through Creag Nan Eun Forest.

Kinnoull Hill Woodland Park
This route is around 7.5km long and starts from the car park at Corsiehill. The route gives you the perfect opportunity to admire beautiful Perth from Kinnoull Hill. You’ll experience many woodland trails and if you plan it right you’ll be able to make this a full day trip and have time to enjoy a well-deserved pub tea.