National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh isn’t just famous for its beautiful architecture, great dining scenes and good pubs. Edinburgh is also famous for its fascinating museums and exhibitions. Museums in Edinburgh have everything you could be possibly looking for weather that is science, medicine, world culture, history, economics. Whatever you are looking for there will be a museum in Edinburgh that has it.

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National Museum of Scotland

Edinburgh’s national museum of Scotland is Edinburgh’s largest and busiest museum ever built since 2006, it’s a museum which has a range of interesting exhibits from not just Edinburgh but from all around the world. Including showcasing the natural world, world cultures and Scottish history and archaeology. Before exploring the exhibits you’ll be distracted by the magnificent architecture of the grand gallery, there’s a beautiful example of Victorian design that has soaring high pillars, large windows and a mind blowing glass ceiling that lifts the gallery up with bright light.

This museum is a beautiful building dedicated to telling the story of Scotland, using astonishing displays. The museum shows a spectacular show of over 20,000 artefacts. The wide section of collections will take you on a spectacular journey through the history of Scotland, you will be able to learn interesting facts from Scotland’s past and feel a part of the stories that will be told. Did you know that the national museum of Scotland was voted one of the top 10 UK visitor attractions, and is in the top 20 of the most visited museums and galleries in the world?

As you enter the museum every section tells you something different, on the ground floor you will learn about how Scotland’s natural landscape was created and how the region’s first settlers lived. You will also learn about the kingdom of Scotland which is all about the period from 900 to the 1707, you will find many different objects that will help you understand the origins of the country, events that determine Scotland’s history and the most renowned Scots.

On the third floor you will learn about the transformation of Scotland from 1707 until the nineteenth century, this exhibition reflects on Scotland from its union with the United Kingdom until the industrial revolution. After visiting that exhibition you’ll go onto the next one on the fourth floor where you will learn more about the industrial revolution, you’ll discover how life was during the revolution when Scots moved from countryside to various towns.
The next floor is the last floor where you will learn about Edinburgh, on this floor you’ll reflect on the lives of many famous Scottish people from the end of World War 1. There are seven floors the last floor is called the terrace where you will have a bird’s eye view of Edinburgh and you’ll be able to look at the gorgeous views Edinburgh has to offer.

This museum give’s you a chance to learn about the past it gives you a clear insight of it all, it’s a beautiful exciting experience for everyone. You will definitely love this museum, so what are you waiting for? Take a visit! To find out more and check opening times click here.

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