The Real Mary King’s Close

If you love to learn about new things, especially historic things, then Edinburgh is the place to go. A great way to experience Edinburgh’s attractions is in a Motorhome. For Motorhome hire Edinburgh click on here to visit our dedicated site.

Edinburgh city is filled full with lots of historical places that teach you facts about Edinburgh from the past, giving you an insight of what Edinburgh used to be like. The greatest thing about Edinburgh is that you can take a visit anytime of the year because there will always be something going on, the city is so outgoing and amazing people from all over the world come to explore it.

Edinburgh is a beautiful city designed for everyone so whether you’re going on a romantic break, with friends or on a family holiday with children Edinburgh will always make sure that there’s something for you all to do. You will never be left feeling bored wondering ‘what can I do next?’ Because Edinburgh is jam packed with stuff to do.

The Real Mary King’s Close

Why not start your trip with a visit to The Real Mary King’s close, it’s a beautiful maze filled of seventeenth century alleyways. Mary King’s close is a historic close located under buildings on the Royal Mile, in the old town which is the historic area of Edinburgh. I bet you’re thinking ‘where did that name come from?’ The name came from one Mary king, she was a merchant burgess who moved on the close in the 17th century. When the Royal Exchange happened in the 18th century the close was demolished and buried, that’s why it was closed to the public for so many years.

Mary King’s Close is now a visitor attraction, guests are able to come and can take guided tours and learn about Edinburgh’s hidden history. The real Mary king’s close is shrouded in myths and institutes, take a trip here you’ll be able to unlock the streets of Edinburgh, take a stroll through the old town alley ways, and discover stories of the people who lived, worked and died there. There’s a lot more to Mary king than just someone who moved on to the close, Mary king was a seamstress and a fabric trader in the 1630’s. She was so successful and powerful she even had a close named after her.

When visiting The Real Kings close you’ll be able to explore Edinburgh’s biggest underground experience, learn authentic truths about the city’s dark past, follow in the footsteps of residents who once lived there and also meet the plague doctor and visit his outdoor courtyard. More more information or to book click on here.

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