The Royal Yacht Britannia

Would you like to feel like royalty for a day? Then why not get on board and take a sail on the Royal yacht Britannia. The Royal Yacht Britannia is one of Edinburgh’s top rated and award winning attractions, many people enjoy visiting here as it’s a perfect day out for not only adults but for children too. You’re able to learn new and interesting facts and look at the beautiful scenic views you will see whilst sailing, not forgetting you will also be sailing like royalty.

That’s the beauty of Edinburgh you’re able to do things as a family, there’s always something for everyone to do and make use off and no one is ever left out. Edinburgh is a gorgeous city with so much to offer, whilst sailing on the yacht you’ll be able to see parts of Edinburgh that you may not have noticed before. You’ll also be able to have a closer insight of the city. The royal yacht Britannia has been permanently berthed beside ocean terminal Leigh in Edinburgh since 1998. The entrance is on the second floor of the ocean terminal shopping complex, which is perfect if you’re thinking about doing some shopping before you head out on your travels.

As soon as you step foot onto Britannia’s visitor centre in ocean terminal you’ll be introduced by a warm welcome, this is where the part of feeling like royalty comes from. You’ll learn about the history of royal yachts, historical photographs of Britannia’s past and view displays. It’s organised in a very professional way, every member of staff is there to help if needed and everything is done to suit everyone.

There’s an audio handset tour, which is available to listen to in 30 different languages, also including a children’s version and British sign language tablet. The yacht is designed to please everyone, when you start your journey it will begin at the bridge where you’ll discover the royal apartments, and explore the core quarters, and you’ll finish at the engine room. There is so much to do whilst on the yacht, you can view the royal racing yacht bloodhound and the royal sailing exhibition, not to forget there’s also full access with lifts and ramps throughout.

Whilst enjoying living like royalty for a day why not enjoy the gorgeous waterfront views in the royal deck tea room and relax having a tea or coffee also trying some delicious homemade scones, sandwiches and soups. When going on the tour there’s many popular points that visitors love to visit, the magnificent royal apartments and royal bedrooms, also take a look at the queen’s favourite room which is the sun lounge.

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