Visit Holyrood Palace Edinburgh

If you want to take a visit to Edinburgh’s most popular attractions, then you must take a visit to Holyrood Palace, Holyrood Palace is listed as one of the most popular places to visit.

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Holyrood Palace

The Palace is located at the bottom of the Royal mile and is opposite from another one of Edinburgh’s popular attractions, Edinburgh castle. The Holyrood Palace is the official residence of the Queen. It was also once home to Mary, she was the Queen of Scotland. Mary came to live there after she came back from France, and it was there that she married her second and third husbands. Mary witnessed the murder of her secretary at Holyrood house.

The Holyrood Palace is a stunning building which has many beautiful surroundings. The grounds which the palace is located in have hosted some of Scotland’s greatest figures throughout history. Holyrood park doesn’t just include Holyrood palace, it also includes beautiful sites like Arthur’s seat, Salisbury Crags, Samson’s Ribs and St Margaret’s Loch.

There is much history behind the Holyrood Palace, the palace was built between 1671 and 1678 and has been the centre of Scottish royalty since the 16th century. At first Holyrood Palace began as an abbey not a royal palace. The name ‘Holyrood’ comes from ‘holy rood’ or ‘holy cross. The Holyrood house was the name given to a guest house which was maintained by the abbot of Holyrood. In 1501 James IV built a new residence right next to the abbey for himself and Margaret Tudor, Margaret was James’ new queen. James made his residence bigger by adding a huge tower in 1528, he also created a new west facade from 1535.

Visiting Holyrood Palace you will also be able to enter the great hall just like Bonnie Prince Charlie did. Bonnie Prince Charlie set up a court at the palace in September 1745, he started a campaign to restore the Stuart line to the British throne.
The great gallery came popular with the prince. The room was used for evening entertainments and balls. There are many portraits in the palace, but in the John pettie portrait named ‘Bobbie Prince charlie enters the ballroom at Holyroodhouse’ it shows the Prince as a young man stepping over and into the grand room, this portrait was painted 140 years after the Edinburgh stay.

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