North Lancashire motorhome trip

North Lancashire is a beautiful region in England with a rich history and many places of historic interest to explore. Here are some historic attractions to visit in North Lancashire, along with nearby campsites for accommodation:

  1. Lancaster:
    • Lancaster Castle: This medieval castle dates back to the 11th century and offers guided tours. It has a fascinating history and is still used as a working court.
    • Lancaster Priory: An impressive church with a history dating back to Saxon times.
    Nearby Campsite:
    • Riverside Holiday Park: This campsite is located along the River Lune and is just a short drive from Lancaster.
  2. Morecambe:
    • Morecambe Bay: Explore the stunning coastline of Morecambe Bay, known for its scenic beauty.
    • Eric Morecambe Statue: Pay homage to the famous comedian Eric Morecambe, who was born in the town.
    Nearby Campsite:
    • Red Bank Farm Campsite: Situated right by the bay, this campsite offers beautiful views of the coastline.
  3. Heysham:
    • Heysham Village: This historic village is known for its picturesque stone cottages and the ruins of St. Patrick’s Chapel, which date back to the 8th century.
    • Heysham Nature Reserve: Explore the natural beauty of the area and the stunning views of Morecambe Bay.
    Nearby Campsite:
    • Ocean Edge Leisure Park: A campsite with easy access to Heysham Village and the nature reserve.
  4. Ribchester:
    • Ribchester Roman Museum: Discover the Roman history of the region at this museum, which showcases artifacts found in the area.
    • Ribchester Roman Fort: Explore the remains of a Roman fort that once stood here.
    Nearby Campsite:
    • Fell View Park: This campsite is a short drive from Ribchester and offers a peaceful rural setting.
  5. Carnforth:
    • Carnforth Station Heritage Centre: Visit the heritage center located at the railway station, made famous by the film “Brief Encounter.”
    • Leighton Hall: A historic country house with beautiful gardens open to the public.
    Nearby Campsite:
    • Holgates Silverdale: Located in nearby Silverdale, this campsite is within easy reach of Carnforth and the surrounding attractions.

These historic attractions and campsites should provide a great starting point for your visit to North Lancashire. Remember to check availability and make reservations at the campsites in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

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