Whilst in a motorhome from our Darwen branch why not head to the North East.

Northumberland is a beautiful county in England with plenty of stunning destinations to explore while traveling in a motorhome. Here are some of the best destinations to visit:

  1. Northumberland National Park: This vast expanse of natural beauty offers rugged landscapes, ancient ruins, and plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and wildlife watching. Sit beside your motorhome and watch the world go by.
  2. Hadrian’s Wall: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hadrian’s Wall is an ancient Roman wall that stretches across the northern part of England. You can visit various forts, museums, and Roman ruins along its length.
  3. Alnwick Castle and Gardens: This historic castle is famous for its role in several films and TV shows (including Harry Potter). The adjacent gardens are beautifully landscaped and offer a peaceful place to stroll.
  4. Bamburgh Castle: Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the North Sea, Bamburgh Castle is one of the most iconic landmarks in Northumberland. Explore the castle’s history and enjoy breath-taking views of the coastline. Sit by the sea outside your hire motorhome and watch the sunrise over the North Sea.
  5. Holy Island (Lindisfarne): Accessible via a causeway at low tide, Holy Island is home to Lindisfarne Castle and the ruins of Lindisfarne Priory. It’s a serene and spiritual place with stunning coastal scenery.
  6. Farne Islands: Take a boat trip from the coastal town of Seahouses to the Farne Islands, a haven for seabirds and seals. You can observe puffins, terns, guillemots, and other wildlife up close.
  7. Kielder Water and Forest Park: This is the largest man-made lake in the UK and is surrounded by a vast forest perfect for walking, cycling, and stargazing. It’s also home to the Kielder Observatory, which offers astronomy events and tours.
  8. Berwick-upon-Tweed: Explore this historic walled town with its Elizabethan ramparts, charming streets, and interesting museums. It’s also a great base for exploring the surrounding countryside.
  9. Hexham: This market town is known for its medieval architecture, including Hexham Abbey and the historic Old Gaol. It’s also a good starting point for exploring Hadrian’s Wall.
  10. Cragside House and Gardens: Built by Victorian inventor Lord Armstrong, Cragside was the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. Explore its lavish interiors and extensive gardens.

These are just a few highlights of what Northumberland has to offer. With your hired motorhome from Darwen, you’ll have the flexibility to explore these destinations at your own pace and discover even more hidden gems along the way. Enjoy your trip!

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