Destination Edinburgh with a Campervan?

Scotland – bagpipes, haggis, monsters hiding out in large bodies of water – whatever you know it for, you should also know that it’s an absolute juggernaut of culture as well as having a broad and bizarre history. If you’re interested in packing up a camper van and heading up north, we would seriously recommend making Edinburgh the first stop on your tour – if not the entire holiday! Call Easicampers for Motorhome hire in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh is just as well-known for its deep history as much as it is its contemporary culture (ever heard of a little thing called the Edinburgh Fringe Festival?), so therefore we’ll be splitting up points of interest for your tour of the capital into three easy-to-digest chunks. Therefore, you can pick and choose ideas from any of the columns at your leisure!

If you’re one to get all misty-eyed and love to dig into the past, there’s an absolute ton of interesting and murky history for you to explore in Edinburgh. A great start will be to visit The National Museum of Scotland, which pretty much does what it says on the tin. This is a colossal collection of cultural delights which celebrates the Scottish identity and houses a number of unique artefacts that really deserve a look at close-up. There’s also an incredible view of the city beyond from the museum’s roof garden, meaning you could quite easily combine all of your sightseeing into one trip to the top of the tower should you wish!

While you’re on a history fix, make sure you get yourself to the dungeons and doldrums of the intimidating Edinburgh Castle, which sits atop a volcano! It’s dormant, meaning you’ll be able to take in the keep of monarchs from centuries past without the fear of being washed away by lava in the process.

To finish off, if architecture and royal history is up your street, why not take a trip to St Giles’ Cathedral, an ancient monument to legions of lost heroes of Scottish lore, with easy access from the high street and no need to pay for entry.

Scotland is a truly beautiful country and Edinburgh is home to many of its most majestic sights. While you can easily traverse many of the surrounding city’s rolling hill by car, taking in breathtaking views of the hillside and the remains of the volcanic region is best enjoyed on a hike up to Arthur’s Seat, so pack a suitable pair of boots and get climbing!

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If you don’t fancy braving the borders then you’ll perhaps be more at home having a look around some of the capital’s equally tranquil and enjoyable country parks and gardens – of particular note the Royal Botanic Garden if you fancy looking up some rare flora, or if you’re looking to take in a picnic we would certainly recommend you looking up the Princes Street Gardens, a huge expanse for you to enjoy or relax in in equal measure.

As the capital city, Edinburgh is an absolutely bustling metropolis full of things to do, places to eat and drink and shows to take in. We couldn’t possibly cover it all here, but there’s a few highlights we think are definitely worth you parking the van to one side for the night.

If you’re looking for a particularly glitzy evening out, This is recommends a trip to George Street, home to some of the swankiest bars and restaurants as well as being a veritable smorgasbord of high-class shopping if you’ve got a bit of holiday money to spare. If you’re looking for an especially decadent time, why not take in the Harvey Nichols Food market – while it may sound like an al fresco affair, this is a colossal restaurant offering a boggling amount of choice and dishes you’ll be hard pushed to find anywhere else. You will certainly get your money’s worth!

If the Food market is a little out of your price league and you’re looking for something a little more special than a J.D. Wetherspoon, why not have a look at some of the city’s more unique twists on the ‘pub food’ phenomenon? Quirky but satisfying restaurants such as Pickles or The Three Birds offer tasty and varied menus that are hugely appraised by just about everybody on Trip Advisor, meaning that there truly is a balance if you’re looking to let your money do the talking. Don’t forget that Edinburgh is also a city known for its Whisky, and there are a number of tours available for you to indulge in traditional Scottish spirit at your leisure

In summary, Edinburgh is an absolutely huge experience and most websites recommend you take a few days to get the absolute best out of it. If you’ve got your motorhome, got two or three days to kill and some good people to spend it with, get yourself up and over the border and have a look at what our Northern cousins have to offer you.