photographers hiring a motor home or camper van.

Here at Easicampers motorhome and campervan hire we have a number of new vw California’s and ford zefiro motorhomes on fleet. At Easicampers wigan we have had a few enquires about photographers hiring the motorhomes and campervans to use to travel to places and take some interesting pictures.

Motorhomes have long been used for holidaymakers in the UK to be able to experience the great British countryside. However, what is stopping you using them for your photography hobby or business?

A wide range of photographers use motorhomes or campervans all the time to be able to get out into the rural locations before taking those perfect shots of the wild life. This is simply down to the simple fact that a motorhome has everything that they could possibly need and more when it comes to photography.

Storage Space

All of our motorhomes have a huge level of storage space to be able to fit all of your supplies and equipment, this ranges from shelves and cupboards all the way to the external storage unit to the rear of the motorhome. This means you can bring anything from a camouflage bivvy to tripods or other pieces of equipment as you can easily get it in and out of the storage unit without having the problem of pivoting it around the corner if you were to bring it aboard.


If you are an amateur or a professional photographer, then you are not going to want to spend a huge amount of money on your next shoot when you know you can get a luxury experience for less. A hotel, transport and other fees such as meals can all add up to a large sum of money and in turn a Easicampers motorhome and campervan hire  can more often than not save you a huge amount in comparison.


Unlike simply getting a nearby hotel or camping at the scene of your shoot in a tent, a motorhome has a wide range of convenience benefits to be able to offer a photographer. These include;

Facilities – The motorhome can offer you a wide range of facilities such as the shower, kitchen area or even the table to be able to work on if you need to do some editing on your laptop. These small additional extras within our motorhomes or campervans can all come together to make a big difference when it comes to staying in the same shooting location for a night or more.

Portable – Your motorhome or campervan  allows you to make all of your hard to carry equipment completely portable as you can simply fit everything you will need into the motorhome before you set off. This means that you do not have to be as strict when leaving your home and studio on what you bring. You can simply pack everything you think you may possibly need and decide when you are at the location as a lot of the time when you pack lightly you realise you needed something you hadn’t brought.

The Journey

Many photographers seem to prefer the motorhome alternative simply because of the journey. If they are heading to Scotland or somewhere else that seems rather distant, then the chances are they will have to cover a lot of land and in turn may find something worth shooting for their portfolio along the way. Just a look at a simple road map or online can reveal a whole load of other smaller shooting locations which you could divert to or fit on your route making the getaway seem even better.

If you would like to make a booking then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01942 821080 and our team will be happy to help you.